Perfect number of links on a page

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Perfect number of links on a page

Here is a poll, we all know that the number of links  on a page, particularly on the homepage, has consequences for the whole site in terms of search engines optimisation (SEO), so the question is: According to you what is the best number of links on the homepage, on any page, and for what context?

To be clearer, the question is not to know if the number of links on the page affects its rank in Google (many experts disagree on this point), but to know how it affects the rank for the pages linked from this one.

In other words, if your homepage has got a PageRank 4, is it best to have many pages with a PageRank 2 or a few ones with a PageRank 3 in his website? (of course you may have pages inside your website with the same PageRank as your homepage, sometimes even a better one, this is an example only)

Your opinion?

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رقم كاملة خطوات على صفحة    (ar)
Перфектно броя на връзките на ст    (bg)
Perfektní počtu vazeb na stránku    (cs)
PERFEKT antal forbindelser på en side    (da)
Vollkommene Zahl der Verbindungen auf einer Seite    (de)
Τέλειος αριθμός συνδέσεων σε μια    (el)
Número perfecto de acoplamientos en una página    (es)
تعداد كامل در يك صفحه از 11.    (fa)
Täydellinen määrä sivu on yhteyksiä,    (fi)
Nombre parfait des liens à une page    (fr)
Kamila yawan alaƙa da wani shafi    (ha)
מצוין מספר קישורים על דף    (he)
साज-सिंगार संख्या में    (hi)
Tökéletes száma kapcsolatok egy oldalon    (hu)
Numero perfetto di collegamenti ad una pagina    (it)
ページのリンクの完全な数    (ja)
페이지에 연결의 완전수    (ko)
Perfect aantal verbindingen op een pagina    (nl)
Perfekt rekke lenker på en side    (no)
Wiele kontaktów idealne na stronie    (pl)
Número perfeito das ligações em uma página    (pt)
Perfecta numarul de legaturi pe o pagina    (ro)
Совершенное число соединений на    (ru)
Savršeni broj linkovi na stranu    (sr)
Göra perfekt numrerar av anknyter på en sida    (sv)
จำนวนของสมบูรณ์แบบบน    (th)
Perfect sayıda linkler ilgili bir sayfa    (tr)
بالکل رابطے کی تعداد ایک صفحہ    (ur)
链接的完全数在页    (zh)

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