Pay Per Click vs. Pay Per Sale

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seopharmacy    (2007-11-08)
Pay Per Click vs. Pay Per Sale

Hi, guys.

Just a look at the problem from the side of an affiliate program. Definitely, we prefer to pay on the "per sale" basis. Otherwise very soon you will be cheated by some dishonest partners who'll be generating absolutely worthless traffic. So, you'll have to pay less for all clicks, including those which are good. This way what economists call "adverse selection" is being created.

But maybe there are some strong pro-s for the Pay Per Click system?
Can you share your experience with both?

Best regards, Seopharmacy

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moderator    (2007-11-08 18:46:33)


Pay Per Click


I doubt the "per sale" can even slowly replace the per click basis. Hard to find many pertinent partners, so many free views, and hard to verify results... It's all at your advantage :)

The pay per click is the most logical way IMO and it is ok with the demand & offer balance.

*aditi    (2008-07-09 04:56:31)
15 years ago

I agree pay per click does bring out the scammers, but the same goes the other way. How would someone know on a pay per sale basis that you are being honest with them. I think you just need to keep a good handle on which leads are converting and get rid of the ones that are not.
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*ac6afb    (2009-03-05 12:29:39)
Helpful Comment

I agreed your thought. Above comment is very useful to me. Keep it up......

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tomcrade    (2010-06-28 08:13:57)
13 years ago

I think the biggest advantage of the PPC is the depth of distribution. While the advantage of the PPS approach, the size of the potential audience is much greater for ppc.


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stevenhawk    (2010-06-30 11:00:14)
13 years ago

Pay per click seems to be more suited for mass direction of internet surfers then pay per sale.


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michaelherry    (2010-07-02 13:32:14)
Pay Per Click vs. Pay Per Sale

PPS is an online advertising payment model in which payment is based on qualifying sales


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terrymoke    (2010-07-07 08:29:48)
13 years ago

Paying per sale is often seen as the payment model most favorable to advertisers and least favorable to publishers as compared to the PayPerClick.


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jeffybrown    (2010-07-09 11:51:14)
13 years ago

In PPC with search engines, advertisers typically bid on keyword phrases relevant to their target market.


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jackmolen    (2010-07-13 10:01:09)
13 years ago

The target of PPC is to make sure that your ads are displayed to those who are already looking for your services or not.


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