PHP strrpos()

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PHP strrpos()

strrpos() is a PHP function that will allow you to find the last occurency of a string in a string, a common error would be to place the arguments like in the eregi() function :

int strrpos ( string $haystack , mixed $needle [, int $offset ] )

Here is an example:

$mystring = 'abcdef';
$findme  = 'c';

$pos = strrpos($mystring, $findme);


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kreodig    (2010-09-07 14:43:05)
PHP strrpos()

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*kelora    (2010-11-04 17:24:14)
12 years ago


$mystring = 'abcdef';
$findme  = 'c';

$pos = strrpos($mystring, $findme);



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