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PHP arsort

Definition and Usage

The arsort() function sorts an array by the values in reverse order. The values keep their original keys. This function returns TRUE on success, or FALSE on failure.



array : Required. Specifies the array to sort

sorttype : Optional. Specifies how to sort the array values. Possible values:

* SORT_REGULAR - Default. Treat values as they are (don't change types)
* SORT_NUMERIC - Treat values numerically
* SORT_STRING - Treat values as strings
* SORT_LOCALE_STRING - Treat values as strings, based on local settings

$my_array = array("a" => "Hamburger", "b" => "Cheese", "c" => "Jam");


The output of the code above will be:

[c] => Jam
[a] => Hamburger
[b] => Cheese

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