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OpenSocial companies statistics

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moderator    (2007-11-14)


OpenSocial companies statistics

Rapleaf published statistics for OpenSocial companies on the internet, making a quite good advert at the same time :

Facebook Users
- 2.6 million users identifed
- 63% female, 36% male
- 52% 18-25 yrs
- 2.9 major social networking sites used on average
- 62% are on Myspace, 5% are on LinkedIn, 9% are on Friendster, 10% are on Plaxo, 22% are on Hi5

Myspace Users
- 11.3 million users identifed
- 63% female, 36% male
- 40% 18-25 yrs
- 15% are on Facebook, 2% are on LinkedIn, 9% are on Friendster, 6% are on Plaxo, 17% are on Hi5

LinkedIn Users
- 0.8 million users identifed
- 38% female, 61% male

Friendster Users
- 2.3 million users identifed
- 58% female, 41% male

Plaxo Users
- 1.3 million users identifed
- 62% female, 37% male

Hi5 Users
- 4.5 million users identifed
- 60% female, 39% male

These statistics are really interesting though, many things could be said about the explanations and consequences of the use of these networks.


Rapleaf a publié des statistiques pour les réseaux communautaires sur internet, faisant au passage une bonne publicité pour certains d'entre eux :

(voir chiffres ci-dessus)

Ces statistiques sont pourtant véritablement intéressantes, beaucoup d'enseignements pourraient en être tirés, notamment sur les causes et conséquences de l'utilisattion de ces réseaux.


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