Negative effects of cortisone

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*raptor    (2010-03-04)

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Negative effects of cortisone

Hello, I would like to know which are the negative effects of cortisone, a chemical which is in many drugs. Among its side effects it appears that that made grow bigger quickly. You avoid taking drugs which contain cortisone or you think that these side effects are negligible?

I know that cortisone is also used to awake the old sick dogs and that the sugar rate is very thus high I wanted to know why the drugs that I took against the mouth ulcers contain this product and in which cases it is usually used.

Thank you.

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تأثيرات سلبيّة كورتيزون    (ar)
Negative Auswirkungen des Kortisons    (de)
Αρνητικά αποτελέσματα της κορτι    (el)
Negative effects of cortisone    (en)
Efectos negativos de la cortisona    (es)
Effetti negativi del cortisone    (it)
コーチゾンのマイナスの効果    (ja)
코티존의 부정적 반응    (ko)
Negatieve gevolgen van het cortisone    (nl)
Efeitos negativos da cortisona    (pt)
Отрицательные влияния кортизона    (ru)
Negationen verkställer av cortisone    (sv)
风湿甾酮的消极作用    (zh)

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