Moneybookers, Paypal

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silver_surfer    (2006-12-29)
Moneybookers, Paypal


Did someone get some trouble with these ones : and Paypal ?

Which is best ??

(more options below)

moderator    (2007-03-26 04:14:09)



Moneybookers will keep your money, don't use it!


*0bd788    (2009-05-12 18:32:51)
Exchange Moneybookers Paypal

Hello everybody,

I have found a new website to exchange e-money (Moneybookers and Paypal).

Yesterday, i have exchange $10 Moneybookers to $10 Paypal for only 1.65 and i have just received the money into my paypal account !

It so a great service. You receive the money within 24 hours.


*32231d    (2009-05-12 19:07:40)
Exchange Moneybookers Paypal

How does this site work ?  Looks like a bit risky and useless, is this a site to steal your passwords ?

*5a2686    (2009-05-20 17:47:36)

please tell how this site works

*exchange    (2009-06-17 23:47:37)
Moneybookers to paypal

Exchange Moneybookers To Paypal

ht*p:// (be careful with this site)

*3b7914    (2009-07-27 16:08:19)
Exchange Paypal, Neteller, AlertPay !


This site doesnt steal passwords and you dont have to write any passwords.

First you have to buy a GS Ticket and then fill the form below and you will receive your money in the 48 hours.

But the 1st Payment can last more because they check.

*idlemall    (2009-09-23 04:19:35)
Wholesale electronics, Support Paypal


Electronics from cell phones, mp3/mp4 players, car electronics, digital frames, to electronic gadgets. Electronics You name it.

*beeks    (2010-03-08 02:06:54)
13 years ago

MONEYBOOKERs...good grief.  the answer is quite obvious if you've been using paypal for any length of time.  Paypal is notorious for locking up your account and funds.  And for some reason they enjoy doing this with accounts holding over 1,000usd.  I wonder why.  They do this for ANY number of BOGUS reasons.  Money bookers however does not.  They keep it clean and simple no hassle no worries or "processing" just cut and dry.  I since switched to moneybookers and they are far better than Paypal.  Of course i do alot of business online.

*ddd    (2010-03-16 20:07:51)
13 years ago

who do change  pay-pal- moneybookers


*vunibi    (2010-04-24 17:02:53)
13 years ago


We can exchange moneybookers to paypal or paypal to moneybookers or to alertpay or liberty reserve on: ht*p://

*mmakers    (2010-05-14 02:35:27)
Moneybookers, Paypal

TRY THIS :ht*p://

*porela    (2010-05-30 17:20:18)
13 years ago

You can exchange/transfer Moneybookers paypal, alertpay or others on: ht*p://

its a good website and payments are quick.

*emporio    (2010-06-17 15:05:07)
13 years ago

Hey .

I have Money in my Paypal and Liberty Reserve ( $ 1000+ both acc's ) and I need for all POKERSTARS or' MoneyBookers USD .
If u got pokerstars or moneybookers and u dont want it more, and u wanna exchange for paypal or liberty reserve , then add me ...

...MSN : emp0ri0.A(at)

*kopafa    (2010-07-23 08:45:46)
13 years ago

I have 260$ Liberity Reserv , and 230$ Paypal and 123$ukash i wanna exchange my Liberity Reserv , Paypal , Ukash for Moneybookers or Webmoney $ if u have Moneybookers , Webmoney and wanna exchange whit me add me msn


*tepuvi    (2010-08-12 13:14:00)
13 years ago

I need paypal ... I can give MB, LR, WU, Neteller, AP, WMZ
msn : emp0ri0.A(at)

*rusiki    (2010-08-17 16:57:55)
Moneybookers, Paypal

I exchange 83$ Liberity, 163$ Ukash, 432$Moneybookers for Paypal $ €
Messenger: andrei.ivanov(at)

*zerofu    (2010-08-21 16:33:51)
13 years ago

I have Moneybookers, AlertPay, WebMoney $ and i need Paypal $ for it my messenger queenofmages(at)

*rekaju    (2010-10-04 16:36:56)
12 years ago

Hello .

If u have moneybookers and paypal fund's, and if u dont need it and u wanna change it for liberty reserve(LR), webmoney(WMZ), alertpay (AP), western union(WU), ukash or paysafecards(PSC) , then contact with me via mail or msn...


*daxude    (2010-11-20 07:59:36)
12 years ago

I have LR , WMZ , MB and i want exchange it for Paypal $ if u want exchange whit me contact

*cokuda    (2010-12-05 04:19:00)
12 years ago

I like moneybookers since it has different sources to upload money including from your bank account. It is FREE to receive money. HOWEVER, the procedure of verification is taking much time.

PAYPAL, I have to pay for receiving money and another payment to withdraw  it into your bank account. It is good for buyer, not for seller.

*lizase    (2011-01-03 17:00:25)
Moneybookers, Paypal

I have 200$ Librtiy im looking WMZ , MB , UKASH , PP $ € for it

*gijasu    (2011-01-13 11:33:50)
12 years ago

Hey Members .

I'll exchange Moneybookers, webmoney, Liberty reserve, ukash, neteller and paypal .
If u have funds in one acc... and need funds to second acc , then contact with me I can help u ... I can give u paysafecards and western union and alertpay to ! ...

My contact MSN : emp0ri0.a(at)

add me to msn or contact me via mail or PM .

*nujomu    (2011-01-19 15:02:27)
12 years ago

As topic title say, then I'll exchange E-Currency's .

So, I buy|sell|trade moneybookers, liberty reserve, webmoney, neteller, ukash, paypal, western union, paysafecard and alertpay cash . (that doesnt matter cuz u have euro or usd, I still can exchange) .
And I look in forums, cuz peoples need poker cash, because I have added funds to full tilt poker and pokerstars and I can exchange poker funds to .
(but all time I dont take all currencys, thats then, If I have much balance in one currency.)

if someone are interested, then contact me via msn please >>> jano.rehman(at)

>>> I hope cuz all understand me, because my english isnt not good  and I'm new here 
Best Regads.
Jano ! <<<

*as-st    (2011-02-02 12:19:09)
12 years ago

plz  merchant ackaunt  moneybokers???


*jalolu    (2011-03-07 13:43:17)
12 years ago

I can change paypal, moneybookers and alertpay, visit my website:

*caseka    (2011-03-19 13:45:03)
Moneybookers, Paypal

I have Liberity Reserv 763$ , Webmoney 212$ , 1 x 100€ Ukash Voucher , and im looking exchange all this to Moneybookers $ or Paypal $ im looking only trusted and honest exchangers , please sent me PM or leave message here , or add me messenger ( e-currencies(at) ) . Like i said im looking only trusted members.

*tajavi    (2011-04-17 01:04:01)
12 years ago

Hello all members , i have Liberity Reserv $ , Paypal $ and Pokerstars $ im looking Full tilt or moneybookers $ i have high amount LR , PP , and Pokerstars funds , who want trade whit me contact me ThanVang(at)

*polaja    (2011-04-20 01:57:46)
12 years ago

WARNING - do not exchange any funds with this scammer, DIMITRI. He is a known scammer throughout money exchange forums and will NOT send your funds.

*lotoja    (2011-07-21 15:35:14)
12 years ago

Liberity Reserv amount > 532
Webmoney amount > 211
Ukash > 3x 100EUR Voucher
PSC > 1X 100EUR
Alertpay > 687

My skype : armivanbuuren
Messenger: armiv

*meziki    (2011-07-24 08:01:36)
Sell/Exchange LR,WMZ,PP to MB,AP

Hello dear members,

I sell/exchange Liberty reserve, webmoney and paypal money,,, and take only moneybookers and alertpay ,

we can give 1:1 rate also ,

contact msn : emp0ri0.a(at)


*jadidu    (2011-08-26 18:33:57)
Moneybookers, Paypal

I am Selling LR , WMZ , Ukash , WU , NTL & paysafecard If Any One Intersted Contact me
( With Good Rate and Instant Exchange)!!!

Rate > The Rate Can be Negotiated in Chat


Messenger:: xsatsueix(at)
Yahoo:: xsatsueix(at)
ICQ :: xsatsueix(at) ICQ :: 617105760
AIM :: xsatsueix(at)
Skype :: xsatsueix

Note:: Only Paypal , Moneybookers & Alertpay Accepted!


*netseller    (2011-09-28 20:50:41)
11 years ago

buy large quantities of electronic currency
buy only from verified users
a lot and always (moneybookers, netteller, ukash, liberty, alerpay)


*nijozu    (2011-10-21 01:18:35)
11 years ago

I exchange this e-curreny:
    > Paypal
    > Liberity Reserv
    > Alertpay
    > Ukash
    > Webmoney
    > Bank Wire
    > Paysafecards
    > Wester union
    > Neteller
    > Moneybookers

    -The Rate Can be Negotiated in Chat!!!
    -All trades are instantly whitout hold time!!!
    -I send first only highly trusted members!!!
    -I also have high rep on ebay over 1k+ itrade!!!

    If you want exchange with me contact me trough my YM, ICQ, AIM, MSN, Skype.


    -Messenger:: xsatsueix(at)
    -Yahoo:: xsatsueix(at)
    -ICQ :: xsatsueix(at) ICQ :: 617105760
    -AIM :: xsatsueix(at)
    -Skype :: xsatsueix

*neleke    (2011-12-05 12:54:01)
11 years ago

Hello dear members,

AS topic title says, then Ill Exchange/Sell ;

*Liberty Reserve

if someone are interested, then my MSN : curex(at)

ICQ : 639614247
Yahoo : cccurex(at)

Please add me if u are interested, and then we can talk about fees .

Dennis .

*anna    (2012-01-18 14:03:00)
11 years ago

Exchange and helping cash-out from this payment systems: Webmoney, Yandex money, Moneybookers, Alertpay, Paypal,  and other on your payment system or bank account. The Commission depends on the amount and payment system for output.
For details, please contact:
Skype: anna.limanova
ICQ :605766565
YM: annalimanova

*zajotu    (2012-01-19 10:08:33)
Moneybookers, Paypal

Hello all members , i exchange this e-currencies!!

#Wester union

The rate can be negotiated in chat!!
You always can contact me if u have some questions or interested exchange any a-beep-t money!
Im site ADMIN and have nice feedback!

Messenger// exchangemoneyplace(at)

Yahoo// exchangemoneyplace(at)

ICQ Number//627116758 , Email exchangemoneyplace(at)

Skype// exchangemoneyplace

*jemoto    (2012-02-12 12:19:42)
11 years ago

Title says it all. I am offering E-Money Exchange Service.

What e-currencies i offer?

*Liberty Reserve
*Ukash (GBP , EUR , AUD )
*Paysafecards (GBP , EUR )
*Wester union

What are your rates?


*Scammers stay off .
*Please Trade in decent amounts to maintain viability and feasibility.
*I will sent first only highly trusted members whit good feedback.


MSN -- exchangemoneyplace(at)

YAHOO -- exchangemoneyplace(at)

ICQ NUMBER -- 627116758 EMAIL -- exchangemoneyplace(at)

SKYPE -- exchangemoneyplace

*suvota    (2012-05-06 11:33:21)
11 years ago

Hello dear forum members,

As topic title says , then Ill exchange Ukash / paysafecard / liberty reserve / moneybookers / paypal / alertpay and webmoney .

If u need money from one e-money account to other , then u can contact with me via :

MSN : curex(at)
ICQ : 639614247
YM :: cccurex(at)

Then we can talk about fees and trade/exchange rules .

Dennis .

*paboso    (2012-09-10 08:49:08)
11 years ago

Hello members !

I sell/exchange money from my Liberty reserve, webmoney, paypal, ukash, alertpay and paysafecards and I wanna get Moneybookers for them .
rates is cheap only 2-10% and sometimes I can give 1:1 rate to .

If someone need then my contact info is :

MSN : curex(at)
Yahoo : cccurex(at)
E-mail : xurex(at)
ICQ : 639614247


*xaxima    (2013-02-23 13:48:31)
10 years ago

Hello dear members,

Exchange/Sell ;

*Liberty Reserve

if someone are interested, then my MSN : curex(at)

ICQ : 639614247
Yahoo : cccurex(at)

Please add me if u are interested, and then we can talk about fees .

Dennis .

*kesafe    (2013-08-24 11:15:34)
Moneybookers, Paypal

Im back on business and available for exchanges now ! , ( now no liberty reserve more because its closed... now perfect money / webmoney )

aslo I do ukash, paypal, moneybookers, neteller ...

Serious peoples just contact with me via yahoo or icq for now :

ICQ : 639614247
Yahoo : cccurex(at)


*maciru    (2014-01-24 05:22:51)
9 years ago

Hey , Im buying & selling good amount every day in bitcoins & litecoins. So if u re interested then how we pay?

Skrill, Neteller, Perfect Money, Okpay, Western Union, Moneygram.
If u wanna Sell me BTC then I pay bitstamp rate / If u wanna Buy then u need pay bitstamp +5%. U can see rate on site
No need write here nothing longer, serious peoples who want deal just contact me.


ICQ : 639614247
Yahoo : cccurex(at)
Skype : curexineurope

*tucuxi    (2015-08-30 10:38:42)
8 years ago


Voip credit

- Instant exchange
- Rate is negotiated in chat
- Yahoo/MSN/Skype/Icq support
- Please Trade in decent amounts to maintain viability and feasibility.
- If you want exchange with me contact me trough my YM, ICQ, SKYPE!

ICQ> 618849967
SKYPE> aarongood25
Yahoo> aarongood25(at)

*fuzejo    (2018-05-20 07:47:00)
5 years ago

Buying/selling Target, Best Buy, Apple, Itunes Usd, Amazon, Ebay, All Kinds Of Walmart, Gd; All In

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