List of actors & actresses part 2

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List of actors & actresses part 2

Here is a list of the most known actors and actresses worldwide (#101 to #200 out of 700). You may find the other parts of the list here

101. Audrey Tautou
102. Aurélie Bancilhon
103. Austin Nichols
104. Ava Gardner
105. Barbara Bach
106. Barbara Bain
107. Barbara Schulz
108. Barbara Stanwyck
109. Barbara Steele
110. Barbie Wilde
111. Barry Nelson
112. Ben Affleck
113. Ben Barnes
114. Ben Foster
115. Ben Kingsley
116. Ben Silverstone
117. Ben Stiller
118. Benicio Del Toro
119. Benjamin Bratt
120. Benjamin Rojas
121. Benoît Magimel
122. Benoît Poelvoorde
123. Bernadette Lafont
124. Bernard Blier
125. Bernard Farcy
126. Bernard Giraudeau
127. Bill Cosby
128. Bill Hicks
129. Bill Murray
130. Bill Paxton
131. Billie Burke
132. Billy Bob Thornton
133. Bing Crosby
134. Blake Lively
135. Bo Derek
136. Bourvil
137. Brad Pitt
138. Brendan Fraser
139. Brendan Gleeson
140. Brian Blessed
141. Brian Cox
142. Bridget Fonda
143. Brigitte Bardot
144. Brigitte Lahaie
145. Brigitte Nielsen
146. Brooke Shields
147. Bruce Campbell
148. Bruce Lee
149. Bruce Willis
150. Bruno Ganz
151. Bud Spencer
152. Burt Lancaster
153. Burt Reynolds
154. Buster Keaton
155. Béatrice Dalle
156. Bérénice Bejo
157. Calista Flockhart
158. Cameron Diaz
159. Carmen Electra
160. Carmen Miranda
161. Carole Bouquet
162. Caroline Cellier
163. Caroline Munro
164. Caroline Tresca
165. Carrie-Anne Moss
166. Cary Grant
167. Casanova Wong
168. Casey Affleck
169. Cate Blanchett
170. Caterina Murino
171. Catherine Bell
172. Catherine Deneuve
173. Catherine Frot
174. Catherine Jacob
175. Catherine McCormack
176. Catherine Zeta-Jones
177. Cecile De France
178. Celia Johnson
179. Cesar Romero
180. Chad Michael Murray
181. Charles Berling
182. Charles Bronson
183. Charlie Chaplin
184. Charlie Sheen
185. Charlize Theron
186. Charlotte Gainsbourg
187. Charlotte Rampling
188. Charlotte de Turckheim
189. Chiara Mastroianni
190. Chow Yun-Fat
191. Chris Rock
192. Chris Tucker
193. Chris Yen
194. Christian Bale
195. Christian Clavier
196. Christian Slater
197. Christina Ricci
198. Christophe Lambert
199. Christopher Lee
200. Christopher Lloyd

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