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dvdv882    (2010-07-06)
Link popularity

Link Popularity is the total number of websites that link to your website. A way of describing your link popularity is the use of (google) Page Rank. While this is not completely accurate.Link popularity is an example of the usage of "off page criteria" by major search engines to determine the quality of website content. In theory, "off page criteria" incorporates objectivity to search engine rankings of websites.

Link popularity plays an important role in the potential "visibility" of a website within search engine results pages (SERPs).Major search engines such as MSN, Yahoo! & Google use special link analysis systems to rank websites and individual website pages. "Back links" from other websites help define another website's reputation on the Internet. The essence of link popularity is that high quality and "important" websites will attract many more back links than will "less important" websites.


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amndalb    (2010-08-11 09:07:37)
Link popularity

Link popularity adds value to the site provided the popularity is from good reputation source.

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davidluiz    (2011-11-17 07:13:53)
8 years ago

Thanks for Sharing about Link Popularity.

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ronhall    (2011-12-15 15:07:59)


8 years ago

directory submission and social bookmarking are the best ways for link popularity...


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shopperpk    (2011-12-15 16:52:40)
8 years ago

thank you for nice post. How we can check linked websites with our website. Is there any tool or free software ..


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jimwelch    (2011-12-26 06:43:22)
8 years ago

If you have gained an insight into the SEO world, you would have come across the word “backlinks” several times. For those new to the SEO industry, you might wonder what backlinks are and how essential they are for the success of websites.

In short, a Backlink indicates a link from another site to your website. These are also known as inbound links and their number indicates the popularity of the website. Backlinks are considered as votes by search engines: more the number of votes (backlinks) your website has, and based on the importance of websites linking back to yours, your site is assigned a trust rank.

Backlinks today are an important part of the SEO process because when you build quality backlinks, your website stands a higher chance of getting indexed faster by the search engines. Also, from the long term perspective, it will help in boosting quality traffic to your site. Apart from this, building backlinks serves your bottom-line of webs


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andrewdick    (2011-12-30 07:44:09)
Link popularity

When you submit your site to a directory, the name and URL of your website will come up during directory searches for a particular category. The websites in these directories are ordered according to groups, making it easier for internet users to find the specific site that they are looking for. Along with exceptional website content, appropriate keyword placement, and effective online marketing efforts, directory submissions will help your website achieve higher levels of long-term publicity and credibility.

The Clear Advantages of Directory Submissions

One of the plain advantages of manual directory submissions is enhanced exposure. Through this your product or service offerings will be more accessible to a wider range of clients. Your website is not merely available through search engines, but in various directories as well.



jordanhicks    (2012-01-04 08:02:08)
8 years ago

Directory submission services are a great way for your website to attain considerable online popularity. This is done by submitting the URL of your website to hundreds of excellent site directories, for the purpose of increasing its exposure in a specific category. Normally, people flock to directories to gain easy access to a number of sites, and you can benefit from this by making your website accessible in these directories.

When you submit your site to a directory, the name and URL of your website will come up during directory searches for a particular category. The websites in these directories are ordered according to groups, making it easier for internet users to find the specific site that they are looking for. Along with exceptional website content, appropriate keyword placement, and effective online marketing efforts, directory submissions will help your website achieve higher levels of long-term publicity and credibility.



allenbrad    (2012-04-17 12:54:20)
8 years ago

Links that will bring reputation to the page (that shows search engines that other related websites consider important), and links that give you PageRank. Sometimes both simultaneously, sometimes not.. To achieve a high ranking of your website, you have to get links for keywords objectives. For this reason we must begin with a research of keywords.

Another important point is that your page is optimized for the keyword you are targeting. If you focus on creating one-way links to your site but the texts of the links do not appear on your page, probably wasting your time. (I say probably assuming you have some competition for the keywords chosen, if there is no competition then there is no problem).

In this case a site that has few links one way but a good on-page optimization is likely to be better positioned. Or if you're building one way links to your site but these are not just URL links and text links, a site that has less links with better quality (text) will probably be positioned above. Ideally, you have to build many unidirectional links with text that includes primary and secondary keywords that your page is optimized. Google also uses Latent Semantic Indexing which (in short) means that studying the synonyms of keywords in your page. This is to prevent spammer techniques. Their algorithm looks at all the words on your page and how they relate to one another.


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billykane1    (2012-05-21 20:38:08)
8 years ago

Very nice and helpful information thanks for sharing friends.


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santiago    (2013-05-16 07:10:09)
7 years ago

Link popularity is a general representation of the total number of web pages which link to a website (or individual web page). Most of the major search engines support the "link:" operator. Type in “link:” (without the quotation marks) in front of the URL about which you want to learn.


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