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admin    (2008-08-08)
Link Building Tips

A very complete wiki about link building strategies :


Including links to...

Link Building Forums : SearchEngineWatch, High Rankings, WebmasterWorld, SEO Chat, Abakus, Search Engine Forums, Cr8asite, SE Roundtable,, SubmitExpress, Get Paid, Site Ground, FullTimeWebmaster,, Google Groups Link Building posts

Official Google Blog, Yahoo! Search Blog, MSN Search's WebLog, The Blog, Sites devoted to Link Building Articles

Link Building Tools : Backlinks Analyzers, Link Popularity Checkers, Rank Checking/Tracking Tools, Link Exchange Tools and Software, Pagerank Lookup/PageRank Tools, Class C Tools, SEO/Link Building Tools, Keyword Tools, Firefox Extensions, Link Building Tool Directories

.. and so on

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myhab    (2008-09-02 13:49:48)
Link Building in Brief

The Process of getting quality websites to link to your websites, in order to improve search engine Rankings. The process of gaining inbound links to your websites. it is a powerful way to get your website higher up in the search engines Like- Google,Yahoo and MSN.


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*5db904    (2009-02-11 05:54:35)
Good tips of Link Building

Hello guys,

Good tips here for link building. Link building is most important for our site. U can get good traffic through link building. Also u can increase your business through link building and u can get good page rank of your site. Through link building. I have got good results for my java oracle asset management through link building.

kris123    (2009-03-18 07:21:08)
Importance of Link Building

Link building will generate traffic and will also help to improve your link popularity.With Link building we can also improve search engine rankings.


ethanjames    (2009-03-20 03:28:29)

Link building information is really amazing... Its useful for me... thank you very much....

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*1ed0ec    (2009-03-31 15:46:17)
There are several ways to build links

Directory Submissions - targeted links at high PR directories
Blog and Forum participation - to high PR and frequently crawled sites
Social Bookmarking
Press Releases
Classified Ads
Article Marketing - submit to high PR directories, could also serve as link baits
Link Exchange - with relevant and authority sites
Link Baits - for organic linking

colleentyler    (2009-04-02 05:43:08)

Hi Your link building information is very useful for me... thanks for your sharing..

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moshin    (2009-04-17 18:28:46)
link building is very tough job.

link building is very tough job.

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catus34    (2009-05-06 07:20:57)

Good tips here for link building. Link building is most important for our site. U can get good traffic through link building
Attorney Directory    (2009-05-29 03:51:33)

Didn't know about these links/resources. Thx for the heads up


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adammore    (2010-05-14 23:08:56)


13 years ago

Here are link building tips that I practise everyday. :)

1. Directory Submission
2. Article Submission
3. Social Bookmarking
4. Forum Posting

Links control the web. Links are the basis of search engine rankings and more links equals more traffic.


ianbarnes    (2010-06-03 14:46:25)
Link Building Tips

Thanks for sharing this useful link about link building. Link Building is the most important part of any SEO compaign


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rickyenjohns    (2011-01-24 17:53:59)
12 years ago

I also co-op network ReceiveLinks which will be completely free to mention. Your use of the network that your sites on other sites to link to place your link can collect points for. The numbers, have full control over page rank, used to say, etc..
I'm using the service for 3 months and my rakings dramatically improved.


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james12    (2011-04-21 21:39:11)
12 years ago

Link building is most important for our site. U can get good traffic through link building


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seoservices7890    (2011-05-25 12:52:45)
12 years ago

We are able to have a considerable amount of traffic to our website through article submissions. But try to submit in only high pr sites because of Google like unique content. E-zine Article Directory is very well known and has very strict submission rules. Buzzle is another good one. Thus article submission is one of the best ways to have quality back links for our site as we well as it provide massive explosure to our site. So i like Article Writing and Article Submission as it provide great back links as well as traffic.


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jamesjohnson    (2011-06-20 12:41:34)
11 years ago

Best link building tips are :
1.See who links to your competitors
2.Join Social Networks,
3.Good Google rankings
4.Try to have a really good mix of links,
5.Niche Blog Listing Sites Can Be Much More Effective
6.Guest Post Strategically


Directory Submission

*pacaga    (2014-05-31 17:56:07)
Link Building Tips

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