I don't understand Google anymore! HELP

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qman    (2007-06-03)
I don't understand Google anymore! HELP

We try to optimize and increase the position for this page on google search and it looks like is imposible.
The page address is: ht*p://www.shoedeals4u.com/1-born.htm
or go to shoedeals4u dot com and click on born.

The targeted keywords are : born shoes

For the last year we submited this page to many directories, we created articles to include links to this page, we optimized the page for that group of keywords.

The age of the website is 5 years.
The page has a pr 3 with google.

If you will do a search on google for ' born shoes' you will find our page on page 12. I don't understand why.

I would very much appreciate clarity on this as is driving me crazy and I can't find any relevant info anywhere.

Many thanks.

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moderator    (2007-06-04 16:54:49)


BBcode links

Well, maybe try first to use BBcode links like this one ;)

Born Shoes

Google shows 9 links only towards this page. Also, your <h1> html tag could be <h3> or <h4>.. See all usual SEO tricks to improve it.

qman    (2007-06-04 23:59:05)

Thank you for your answer.
How do I get a link on bbcode?

moderator    (2007-06-05 03:21:34)



See the fifth line, this example of BBcode works on most forums :


ella_mcginn    (2007-06-27 13:07:06)

It's not 'cause you're not doing enough to optimize your site. Take into consideration also how much competition you have in those particular keywords. Also, it takes 3 to 5 years for a website to really get on the top 10 results so you may have to wait for a while and do more research on your SEO campaign

healthtourism    (2011-06-04 21:26:40)
I don't understand Google anymore! HELP

Read about google panda algo.

Prostate Cancer Treatment Mexico

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