How to remove a page in Google ?

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*gg    (2009-09-09)
How to remove a page in Google ?


I just wonder if it is possible to remove a page from the Google index so that it cannot be found anymore while searching certain keywords.

Do you know if it is possible and how much time it takes ?

Thank you.

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sidneysilas    (2010-03-30 12:35:59)
How to remove a page in Google ?

If you want to remove content from Google's search results, that content should first be removed from the web or blocked from search engines. We run into a lot of people who think that Google runs the web and controls all the sites on it, but that's really not the case. The sites in Google's search results are controlled by those sites' webmasters.


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ryanmoster    (2010-05-19 09:03:44)
14 years ago

It means that the page is expired.It depends upon the ownership.So do you own the site or not ?


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bretlenhock    (2010-05-27 07:16:02)
14 years ago

1.Log into your Google Page Creator site manager and go to the main site manager page.

2.Put a check in the check box next to the name of your homepage.

3.Up at the top you'll see a drop down box that says "More Actions". Click on this box and choose "Delete" from the menu.

4.You'll get a message asking if you're sure you want to delete the page. If you're sure, click "OK".

5.Your homepage will be instantly deleted.


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*ribima    (2010-05-27 14:57:50)
14 years ago

What is that Google Page Creator site manager, where I can find it please?

brettshaun    (2010-05-31 14:03:03)
14 years ago

The site owner can remove the concerning information from the page.There are varying requirements depending on the type of content you want to remove.


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scottmurrey    (2010-06-02 13:15:04)
How to remove a page in Google ?

If there is a page which is against the rules set by the Google then how it will be removed ?


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robertpaltrow    (2010-06-04 13:40:27)
14 years ago

I think the owner has only the authority of editing , modification and deleting.So he can do this.


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muttelkiln    (2010-06-10 08:39:17)
14 years ago

I didn't get any thing from the discussion that is done here that what to do actually.


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kelvinache    (2010-06-14 09:58:20)
14 years ago

Removing page in google is not so difficult just you need a permission and possession of the privileges provided to the users by google.


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mocklaince    (2010-06-16 13:33:15)
14 years ago

Removing a page from google is so simple you just  view the page, select Delete from the More actions menu at the top and then confirm the deletion by clicking the Delete button.


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richardhobb    (2010-06-19 07:28:05)
How to remove a page in Google ?

Apparently the delete options are the most difficult to add. Gmail only added a delete button last year and Google Page Creator still doesn't let you delete the site.


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tonychris    (2010-06-22 08:03:48)
14 years ago

If you have uncovered pages in Google’s index for your site that should be removed then it is so easy to do.You can do it by using robots.txt


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nelsonmell    (2010-06-24 12:50:10)
14 years ago

Google has an automatic URL removal tool that anyone could use to trigger page removals.


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sharetips033    (2011-02-01 12:45:32)
13 years ago

I am seeking for help. I was defamed and cyberstalked in the internet. 1)How can I totally remove a page of the cache from the search index? 2)Can I be able to remove the posted cache without letting the stalker/owner know?
Please help me!!!!

Thank you,
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healthtourism    (2011-04-16 18:57:31)
13 years ago

Why anyone will ever want it to do?



kevinmiller    (2011-04-26 12:39:53)
How to remove a page in Google ?

I am Sure that you should to to the Right Side of you site which one you want to delete
Here you see...MORE ACTION button... Click on That and Then Scroll Down There You See
MANAGE SITE button Click on that button
New Window will Open
on the left side of New Window you You will see a
SITE SETTING Button Below this Click on
Now Scroll Down to the End and there you will see
Delete this Site
WARNING: Deleting a site is permanent! Recovery is not possible and you will not be able to recreate a site at this location.
You'll be asked to confirm deletion before anything is erased.

healthtourism    (2011-05-16 15:45:29)
13 years ago

Redirect it.
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austinkrum    (2011-11-24 21:36:38)
12 years ago

Robot.txt file helps webmaster to make a webpage not indexable by google.


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armonjohnson    (2012-01-06 23:05:33)
12 years ago

you can do it by using Robot.txt file.


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ilmkidunya    (2012-01-14 08:29:28)
12 years ago

dear just login to google webmaster tool and there u find remove url....


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mikepeterson    (2012-01-24 17:19:49)
How to remove a page in Google ?

Use robot.txt file it can allow or disallow any crawler to crawl your website or a page.


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jcplumbing    (2012-04-13 15:46:14)
12 years ago

how long does it generally take to process a removal request? i submitted a bunch of requests 12 hours ago and they haven't gone through yet. There is some very sensitive and unfortunate information up on a website i used to be involved with (which is now deleted).

ilmkidunya1    (2012-04-16 09:12:53)
12 years ago

o delete a page:

Go to the page you want to delete.

Click the More drop-down menu.

Select Delete page.

Confirm you want to delete the page by clicking Delete.

elvaria123    (2012-09-18 13:46:34)
11 years ago

cn i use the robot.txt if im not the creator of the website??
i mean the webmaster has taken off my data from his site but google still show
the cached page. the webpage removal requests that the url returns a 404
but in this case the page is no disabled....only my data was taken off not sure wat i can do next?pls help

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4 years ago


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