How to make a pizza?

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*3e448f    (2009-07-15)
How to make a pizza?

Hello friends. I am looking for good recipes to make a simple pizza or more complex ones with common things like cheese, meat or even fish, fruits and so on. Do you know a good site that explains how to make a pizza in details?

Thank you.

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*38a0e2    (2009-07-30 17:23:13)

I found a video on how to make pizza and it's great.

*1d1d4a    (2009-12-09 12:41:00)
Formation Pizzaiolo Millau


*4fe7fd    (2010-01-31 09:10:50)
14 years ago

you learn here : ht*p://
See you soon

*sumace    (2010-05-04 17:11:06)
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nelson    (2010-08-03 13:18:41)
13 years ago

the video was good and very helpful


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izzyweb    (2011-05-14 11:54:53)


How to make a pizza?

Yes!!! I like pizza
Another Italian recipe: Ricette di cucina condivise

axelkenton    (2012-09-25 13:08:04)
11 years ago


    * Boneless chicken 200 gm (cubed)
    * Crushed red chili 1 tsp
    * Black pepper powder ½ tsp
    * Salt as required
    * White vinegar 2 tsp
    * Soya sauce 2 tsp
    * Oil 3 tsp
    * Capsicum 1 larger (chopped)
    * Onion 1 medium (chopped)
    * Tomato 1 medium (chopped)
    * Green chilies 4 (chopped)
    * Eggs 4-5
    * Cheese ½ cup (grated)

Cooking Directions

1. Marinade chicken with crushed red chili, black pepper powder, salt, vinegar, and soya sauce for about 30 minutes.
2. Heat oil in a pan and cook chicken until tender and soft.

3. Put in capsicum and onion, stir about 2 minutes. Remove from heat and let it cool.
4. Beat eggs in a bowl; add salt, chopped green chilies, tomato, cheese and chicken vegetable mixture. Mix it well.
5. Grease a pizza pan and pour mixture in it.
6. Bake in preheated oven at 200 degree C for 15-18 minutes.
7. Cut into slices and serve hot.


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