How to make a free blog

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*blogger    (2010-03-24)

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How to make a free blog

Hello, I would like to know how to create a blog free for a beginner on Internet. You advise which site to make a blog with photographs, articles and possibly with vidéos Youtube?

I do not want to make complicated things, but I would like that the articles published on this blog are automatically published on a Facebook page and Twitter, you know a blog which makes it possible to do that?

Thank you for your assistance.

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كيف أن يجعل [بلوغ] حرّة    (ar)
Как да направят свободен блог    (bg)
Způsob provedení bez blogu    (cs)
Hvordan man kan gøre en fri blog    (da)
Wie ein kostenloses blog zu machen    (de)
Πώς να κάνετε ένα δωρεάν blog    (el)
How to make a free blog    (en)
Cómo hacer un blog gratuito    (es)
چه به صورت آزاد بلاگ    (fa)
Kuinka tehdä vapaan blog    (fi)
Yadda za su yi ɗa blog    (ha)
איך לעשות חופשי בלוג    (he)
बनाने के लिए किस प्रकार एक स्वतंत्र blog    (hi)
Hogyan teszi a szabad blog    (hu)
Come fare uno blog gratuito    (it)
自由なブログを作る方法    (ja)
자유로운 blog를 만드는 방법    (ko)
Hoe een gratis blog doen    (nl)
Hvordan til å gjøre en gratis blogg    (no)
W jaki sposób do dokonywania wolnego blog    (pl)
Como fazer um blog gratuito    (pt)
Cum sa faca o libera blog    (ro)
Как сделать свободно blog    (ru)
Kako da slobodno blog    (sr)
Hur man gör en fri blog    (sv)
ว่าจะให้เป็นอิสระบล็    (th)
Nasıl bir serbest blog    (tr)
کیسے کر ازاد بلاگ    (ur)
如何做一自由blog    (zh)

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