How to make Moonwalk

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*9dd038    (2010-03-24)

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How to make Moonwalk


I would like to learn how to dance Moonwalk like Michael Jackson, how you make to move back while walking like it makes?  A slip would be said. One needs a particular ground to do that like him?

You know where I can find a video which explains how to dance Moonwalk by detailing each movement?

Michael Jackson is the best singer and dancer of all times!

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كيف أن يجعل [موونولك]    (ar)
Как да се направи Moonwalk    (bg)
Jak se mají Moonwalk    (cs)
Hvordan man kan gøre Moonwalk    (da)
Wie Moonwalk zu machen    (de)
Πώς να κάνετε το Moonwalk    (el)
How to make Moonwalk    (en)
Cómo hacer el a Moonwalk    (es)
چگونه بايد moonwalk    (fa)
Kuinka tehdä moonwalk    (fi)
Ga yadda za a yi moonwalk    (ha)
איך לעשות moonwalk    (he)
बनाने के लिए किस प्रका    (hi)
Hogyan teszi moonwalk    (hu)
Come fare Moonwalk    (it)
Moonwalkを作る方法    (ja)
Moonwalk를 만드는 방법    (ko)
Hoe Moonwalk doen    (nl)
Hvordan å gjøre Moonwalk    (no)
Jak należy składać Moonwalk    (pl)
Como fazer o Moonwalk    (pt)
Cum sa faca moonwalk    (ro)
Как сделать Moonwalk    (ru)
Kako da moonwalk    (sr)
Hur man gör Moonwalk    (sv)
วิธีทำให้ moonwalk    (th)
Nasıl Moonwalk    (tr)
کیسے کر moonwalk    (ur)
如何做Moonwalk    (zh)

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