How to know if there is diabetes

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*fatbyslim    (2010-01-21)

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How to know if there is diabetes

Hello, my mode is rather sweetened and always not balanced, I would like to know what is really bad and which can involve the diabetes and which are the signs which can show a beginning of diabetes. Can itchings with the feet be a sign?  One can know if there is diabetes differently than by the blood tests?

In short, I would like to know how one can look after or avoid the diabetes. I do a little tennis but without forcing, the sport is sufficient or it is necessary to change its food practices and to avoid the Coke, the cakes and to banish all the other delicacies when one is a little large like me?

Thank you for your councils.

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كيف أن يعرف إن هناك يكون داء سكّر    (ar)
Как да знаят дали има диабет    (bg)
Jak know if there is diabetu    (cs)
Hvordan man skal vide, om der er DIABETES    (da)
Wie zu wissen, ob man vom Diabetes hat    (de)
Πώς να ξέρτε εάν έχει του διαβήτη    (el)
How to know if there is diabetes    (en)
Cómo saber si se tiene de la diabetes    (es)
اگر چه این مرض قند    (fa)
Miten tietää, onko diabeteksen    (fi)
Yadda ya sani ko da akwai ciwon sukari    (ha)
איך כדי לדעת אם יש סוכרת    (he)
किस तरह से जानते हैं कि    (hi)
Hogyan tudja ha cukorbetegség    (hu)
Come sapere se si ha del diabete    (it)
糖尿病があるかどうか知る方法    (ja)
당뇨병이 있는지 아는 방법    (ko)
Hoe weten of men van de suikerziekte heeft    (nl)
Hvordan vet om det er diabetes    (no)
Jak się wiedzą, czy istnieje cukrzycy    (pl)
Como saber se tem-se do diabetes    (pt)
Cum sa stiu daca exista diabet    (ro)
Как знать если будет мочеизнурен    (ru)
Kako da znaju da li postoji Dijabetes    (sr)
Hur man vet, om det finns sockersjuka    (sv)
ว่าจะรู้ว่าจะมีเป็นโ    (th)
Nasıl biliyoruz varsa diyabet    (tr)
کس کو معلوم ہے تو زيابتیس    (ur)
如何知道是否有糖尿病    (zh)

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