How to know if my line is pirated?

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*ciaobella    (2009-10-13)

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How to know if my line is pirated?

Hello, you surely intended to speak about the problems of safety with Wifi, one can use the line of everyone by using certain programs, but how to know if my connection Internet is actually pirated?

You know a software of monitoring which can locate the computers which use a connection and if required to inform as soon as the line is used by a new computer?

Thank you.

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How to know if my line is pirated?    (en)
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Como saber se a minha linha for pirateada?    (pt)
Cum sa stiu daca linia mea este contrafacute?    (ro)
Как знать если моя линия, то пира    (ru)
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اگر اپ کو معلوم ہے کہ میری لائن pira    (ur)
如何知道是否我的线被盗版?    (zh)

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