How to diagnose a slipped disc

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How to diagnose a slipped disc

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*828143    (2010-01-21)

Hello everyone.

Regular pains in the bottom of the back make me think that I can have a slipped disc or perhaps a beginning of slipped disc. How one can be sure that the problem comes from there or not?  I would like to know how one can diagnose a slipped disc before seeing a doctor and to make a scanner. I am 33 years old thus the risk should be relatively weak but I am increasingly anxious. I did much ski and of race to foot a few years ago, this kind of problems is really new for me.

Thank you for your assistance.

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كيف أن يشخّص ينزلق أسطوانة    (ar)
Как да diagnose е намаляла диск    (bg)
Jak je diagnostikovat a dostal kotouč    (cs)
Hvordan kan diagnosticere en Smugles skive    (da)
Wie einen discale Bruch zu diagnostizieren    (de)
Πώς να εντοπίστε μια discale κήλη    (el)
How to diagnose a slipped disc    (en)
Cómo diagnosticar una hernia discal    (es)
چگونه به تشخيص يك تن دردهد ديسك‌    (fa)
Miten määritellä levyn on lipsuttu    (fi)
Yadda diagnose da sulale faifai    (ha)
איך לאבחן ומפריצת דיסק בעמוד השד    (he)
निदान कैसे एक रीढ़~की~हड    (hi)
Hogyan diagnosztizálására besurrant a lemez    (hu)
Come diagnosticare un'ernia discale    (it)
入れられたディスクを診断する方法    (ja)
미끄러진 원판을 진단하는 방법    (ko)
Hoe een discale breuk diagnostiseren    (nl)
Hvordan får en gjør plate    (no)
W jaki sposób do diagnozowania a obniżyło tarczy    (pl)
Como diagnosticar uma hérnia discale    (pt)
Cum pentru a diagnostica strecura un disc    (ro)
Как диагностировать смещенный д    (ru)
Kako utvrditi je pala disk    (sr)
Hur man diagnostiserar ett diskbråck    (sv)
ว่าจะเป็นตรวจโรคแผ่น    (th)
Nasıl bir teşhis kaydın disk    (tr)
ہائی بلڈ پریشر کو کس طرح ایک کنوئ    (ur)
如何诊断滑倒的圆盘    (zh)

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