How to create a city in Sims 3

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*simsette    (2010-03-04)

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How to create a city in Sims 3

Hello, I do not manage to create a city in Sims 3, with each attempt my screen becomes very black, you already had this bug?  Does you know why that arrive and how one can avoid this problem?

You have easy ways or codes so that the play is easier?  I begin and for the moment I find that rather difficult, the play is beautiful but rather complex.

Thank you, this play is really interesting in any case.

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كيف أن يخلق مدينة في [سمس] 3    (ar)
Wie eine Stadt in Sims 3 zu schaffen    (de)
Πώς να δημιουργήστε μια πόλη μέσ    (el)
How to create a city in Sims 3    (en)
Cómo crear una ciudad en el Sims 3    (es)
Come creare una città nel Sims 3    (it)
Sims 3で都市を作成する方法    (ja)
Sims 3에 있는 도시를 창조하는 방법    (ko)
Hoe een stad in Sims 3 creëren    (nl)
Como criar uma cidade no Sims 3    (pt)
Как создать город в Sims 3    (ru)
Hur man skapar en stad i Sims 3    (sv)
如何创造城市在Sims 3    (zh)

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