Hoverboard Black Friday Sale - Get Chris

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luna00    (2020-11-17)
Hoverboard Black Friday Sale - Get Chris

In the special year of 2020, have you decided what to buy for your children for Christmas? Where to find In her/his words:“her/his best gift ever”? Have you already prepared the Christmas gift for kids? Or Are you waiting for Black Friday Sales?
If so, we are glad to tell you that our website Twodotsboard.com is starting black Friday sales now, it is the biggest event of the year, you can prepare the Christmas gift now. Find the affordable hoverboard or gokart at Twodotsrboard.com.

About Two Dots hoverboard
The design of Two Dots hoverboard was inspired by Lamborghini cars. The alloy wheel, the LED lights, the footpad, these three parts are designed same from Lamborghini car. Two Dots hoverboard comes in two models. One is 8.5” Two Dots Glyboard Corse Off Road Hoverboard, the other one is 6.5” Two Dots Glyboard Veloce All Terrain hoverboard. Both of them are the great Christmas gift options, let take a view now:
8.5” Two Dots Glyboard Corse Off Road Hoverboard:
Price after coupon: $296.1USD
Coupon code: Twodotsboard
Product link:

Two Dots Glyboard Corse Highlights:
Dual Power Motor - 400W, Speeds up to 15 km/h
Max Speed: 15km/h(9.3mph)
Autonomy: 15km/9.3miles
Max Weight Limit : 264.5 lbs (120 Kg)
Lithium-ion Battery: 36V, 4.0AH
Built-In Speaker - Mobile App & Bluetooth
Available Colors : Black, Yellow, Orange, Carbon fiber
Hoverboard App : GLYBOARD CORSE (Available on Apple Store, Google play)

6.5 ” Two Dots Glyboard Veloce All Terrain hoverboard:
Price after coupon: $198.13USD
Coupon code: Twodotsboard
Product link:
Two Dots Glyboard Veloce Highlights:
Perfect alloy wheel size for Kids & Adult
Built-In Bluetooth Speaker & App Controlled
Available colors - Yellow, Green & Black
Max Speed: 10 km/h (6.2 mph)
Autonomy: 10 km / 6.2 miles
Max Capacity: 75 kg(165 lbs)
Lithium-ion Battery: 36 V, 2.5 AH
Maximum limit uphill: 15 °
UL 2272 Certified
Hoverboard App : GLYBOARD CORSE (Available on Apple Store, Google play)

Verified reviews from our customers:

Not only Lamborghini Style hoverboard, you can also find the best price and design full functional go kart here, enjoy the family go karting during this specific Christmas! Check to select your best one now. Don’t forget to use the 10% Off sale : Twodotsboard.



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