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miscellaneous, 2018-09-06 08:20:18
Hoverboard Reviews - Asiwo All Terrain S

Asiwo All Terrain Hoverboard Review – Hoverboard is become a global trendsetter from 2013. And from then, there are many different types of hoverboards available on the market. Today we will intro(...)

miscellaneous, 2016-01-12 07:43:56
ISO7816-2 IC Contact Card Reader Writer

Syncotek SK-AD3 is a Kiosk card dispenser that support ISO7816-2 IC card, and it also a ISO14443-A contactless card reader writer that can be applicable to self-service terminal equipments. ISO7816-2 (...)

miscellaneous, 2015-11-12 03:36:18
Smart Card Reader Writer Syncotek SC-600

Nowdays Smart card readers are becoming increasingly prevalent. Of course there are different card reader products on the market, The most common smart card readers read ISO 7816 compliant cards. Thes(...)