Hash : MD5, SHA1

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Hash : MD5, SHA1

Interesting, md5() and sha1() are no more enough to protect passwords (mainly if they are alphanumeric & not too long). The same for Lan Manager (Windows passwords)... Have a look at these pages :



Conclusion : Use at least 1 special symbol in your passwords !

Harder & harder to secure a website. Anyway passwords are much harder to crack here :)

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*7764c7    (2010-01-01 07:15:14)
Hash : MD5, SHA1


*5a066f    (2010-01-13 14:53:44)
14 years ago


*3a6a96    (2010-01-29 23:24:21)
14 years ago


how do i return it to normal

frustrating to search the net its all downloads

*297208    (2010-02-02 18:03:32)
14 years ago


*e8008a    (2010-02-06 22:36:07)
14 years ago


*furize    (2010-06-18 03:54:18)
Hash : MD5, SHA1


plase sho the hash

thank you

*vofoko    (2010-07-01 20:23:26)
13 years ago

a898502e571edca0c9dc6f20f4e00150 please someone decrypt pleaassse

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