Hardest games to learn

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*hardgames    (2017-12-17)
Hardest games to learn

3 Difficult Games that takes Months to Master

While the world is getting overpowered by the popularity of video games, some people still love to exercise their brains. The classic games have gone out of trend but can really improve your mental capabilities if you stay at it!

The Top Games That Are the Hardest to Learn

Today we will talk about the games which are really difficult to master yet delightful to play.

1. Chess

Who doesn’t know about chess! Everybody has seen a chess board with the 64 alternate black and white squares. The game commences with 16 pieces being placed on either side consisting of pawns, rooks, knights, bishop and the king and queen.

The aim of the game is to checkmate the opponent’s king so that it cannot move around. Each of the pieces has different rules when it comes to the number of squares and the direction it moves. The queen is the exception which can move any way or any number of squares as it pleases.
The game of chess originated around 6th century and the place of its birth is still debated. But it has challenged every generation starting from the kings and nobles to ordinary day folks.

2. Bridge

Now here is a card game that has been pushed to be awarded the status of a sport. It’s not that surprising considering there are many international tournaments with world class players.

Bridge is said to have born in Russia in the 17th century and gradually spread all over the world. Different countries have different rules and play it differently.

Generally the game consists of auction, playing and then calculating the points. All 52 cards are used and divided equally between 4 players forming two teams. The game starts off by auctioning or the bidding where the players communicate their hands to their partners and place a bid.

The highest suite is Spades and the call is made with a suite and an accompanying number. The bid winner’s partner lays down his hand for everyone to see and the play commences.
The aim is to win as many tricks as possible to fulfill the bid.

3. Go

It’s one of the oldest and complex games which originated 5,500 years back in China.
The aim is simple- to capture the other’s territory. But the endless combinations of moves and possibilities make it the ultimate challenge.
The game begins with an empty board where opponents place stones to capture other’s vacant ones. The captured stones are moved off the board and the one with most stones wins. 

What's Your Skill Based Game?

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