Google PageRank export April 1st 2009

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Google PageRank export April 1st 2009

This was the last Google's joke, a PageRank export just occured on April 1st, 2009. It seems that many websites lost one point, of course it will become harder and harder to get a PageRank superior to 4, 5 or 6 during the next years.

Here is the current PageRank for a few well known websites :

Google : 10 , Yahoo : 9 , Facebook : 9 , Youtube : 9 , Ebay : 8

This is probably a good place and time to discuss the future of search engines optimization and how Google evolved and changed his algorithm these last months.

You probably know that PageRank is calculated on the basis of the popularity of every page on the world wide web by taking account of links towards this page. These links are now more called natural links as paid links invaded the web to artificially increase the popularity of certain websites. These paid links became an essential part of search engines optimization, the eternal question is : Did Google find some ways to detect paid links to ignore them.

Most of these links are generated by automatic linking networks like TextLinkAds, LinkVault or TNX, but "seo" companies multiply and they often contact webmasters personally to buy one or two links on their website, that is at a first sight almost impossible to detect.

Nowadays many other parameters are taken in account to calculate PageRank that actually does not significate much anymore, but it is always a good clue for webmasters to evaluate their work.

So what did this PageRank export learn to you ?  As for me, it became obvious that PageRank sculpting, in other words to find the best way to spread the popularity of the most important pages, was a major element in order to increase traffic from Google. And do not forget that no page should contain more than 100 internal or external links.

The big debate these last months was around the rel="nofollow" HTML tag and the dofollow sites. What do you think after this PageRank export ?

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