Google PR Update Oct 2007

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megrisoft    (2007-10-27)
Google PR Update Oct 2007

The Google PR update has happened and I have found that most of the sites have lost PR.There are very few sites who have been able to retain their old PR.Some new sites have now PR ranging from 1 to 3 but many of the old ones have lost on PR.So guys what do you think about this PR update.

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moderator    (2007-10-27 16:45:28)


Google Pagerank Update

Quite true, but did it influence Google rankings ? .. I'm not sure about that, Pagerank is more than ever a tool for Google to frighten webmasters :)

Anyway, internet is getting bigger each day, more and more links, so High Pagerank should be harder to get as time passes.

FICGS Pagerank did not change, but the number of backlinks slowly decreases...

moderator    (2007-11-01 13:58:48)


Google Pagerank Update

Oops, correction... FICGS Pagerank has also decreased 5 -> 4 :/

Is it about commercial links or backlinks, hard to say.

healthtourism    (2011-04-23 12:53:54)
11 years ago

5 years old story...It just changed now



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