Get a carry-on wooden travel chess set

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lisastew    (2019-04-16)
Get a carry-on wooden travel chess set

If you have had to leave your chess set behind because it was just too heavy and impractical to bring along, that was the last time it happened. Our wooden travel
chess set
s have been cleverly designed to ensure that your chess set comes with you everywhere you wish to go with it.  Our artisans have made a few clever tweaks to make your wooden chess set travel ready. Throw away the myth that wooden chess sets are too bulky to travel with. If we can provide you with a hand carved chess set, then we can help you take it with you in your travels. 
Light weight - The wood used to make wooden travel chess will be relatively lighter than those used to make the conventional sets. We want them to be convenient for carrying around without straining.

Small size - Large wooden wooden chess sets are not exactly a pleasure to carry around. Thus, our wooden travel chess sets are comparatively smaller so they can fit well in your luggage.

Play on the go
What is the point of bringing the chess set if you can play a game en route your destination? You can kill both time and boredom when traveling because our travel chess sets are magnetic. The pieces will remain on the board and their placement will not be affected by the almost inevitable jerky movements while travelling.

Folding set
Just to make them even more portable, our travel sets are themselves storage places for your pieces. They feature drawers within the board that you can safely store your pieces in and carry around in great comfort.

Our wooden travel chess sets will guarantee more enjoyable journeys. You will not believe what you have been missing. They come in very affordable prices. Try them the next time you travel!


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