Facebook: New design

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*480afd    (2009-03-24)

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Facebook: New design

Hello with all,

Like about everyone using Internet, I am on Facebook, C 'is at the same time a really fabulous tool and very advanced technically, L 'idea to create groups and applications also easily is brilliant, but I do not include/understand why one cannot make blog above and for what this wall is used on which everyone can write.

What do you think of their new design?  Apparently much about is people complain, for my part I N 'did not see great changes, qu 'which should be improved according to you?

And which other social networks you use?  Do you think qu 'a competitor of Facebook could end up competing?  I am always impressed to see at which point L 'one of the actors D 'a market ends up carrying a monopoly or almost whereas competition is so hard on Internet, C 'was similar with Google, MSN or MySpace. And is it appears that Facebook still loses L 'money, C 'is incredible, how this possible?

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