FICGS correspondence chess & Go server

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FICGS correspondence chess & Go server

FICGS - ht*p:// - is a fast-growing organization, player community and an international correspondence chess server. Here you can play chess online for free in rated class tournaments, two players matches and a unique correspondence chess world championship in a big knockout tournament. The winner will play current world champion in a 12 games match.

We also organize special events, thematic chess tournaments, chess 960, big chess, and tournaments with money prizes. Check the waiting lists.

At last on FICGS, you can play go tournaments and world championship. Because go will become the last game where computers supremacy won't be, at least before decades. Play this fascinating and complex game on FICGS.

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FICGS correspondence chess & Go server

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FICGS correspondence chess & Go server

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FICGS correspondence chess & Go server

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FICGS correspondence chess & Go server

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FICGS correspondence chess & Go server

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FICGS correspondence chess & Go server

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FICGS correspondence chess & Go server

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FICGS correspondence chess & Go server

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FICGS correspondence chess & Go server

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