Ecologists seen of the sky

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*dedale    (2010-05-05)

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Ecologists seen of the sky

Hello, you think what of documentary and films of these strange ecologists (a photographer, a presenter of television and a politician), Yann Arthus-Bertrand, Al Gore and Nicolas Hulot?

After having seen “the syndrome of Titanic ” I become skeptic on the reason of these films, those which say that the ecologists are used by American to prevent Europeans and the countries in the process of development (India, China) to compete with their industry could finally be right: technology must find solutions.

The syndrome of Titanic does not resemble the other documentary ones of Nicolas Hulot, one would say a speech of guru of sect which seeks to impress crowd by using the fear and the culpability of people. Obviously, it is necessary to recall to the world which the planet is in danger, but it is necessary to stop making us feel guilty for small things, statistically we are probably negligible in the climatic change. The true problem is elsewhere.

You think what of it?

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بيئويّ يرى من السماء    (ar)
Еколозите смятат на небето    (bg)
ekologů vidět z nebe    (cs)
Økologerne set af Luftrum    (da)
Die gesehenen ökologisten des Himmels    (de)
Οι που φαίνονται οικολόγοι του ουρανού    (el)
Ecologists seen of the sky    (en)
Los ecologistas vistos del cielo    (es)
سياق اکولوژيست از آسمان دیده    (fa)
Luonnonsuojelijoiden iskulauseena nähneet ilmatilan    (fi)
ecologists ga sama    (ha)
ecologists ראו השמים    (he)
विरोध आकाश देखा    (hi)
Láttam ecologists az ég    (hu)
Gli ecologi visti del cielo    (it)
空の見られる生態学者    (ja)
하늘의 보이는 생태학자    (ko)
De gezien milieubeschermers van de hemel    (nl)
,Sett av sky    (no)
"Widziany z nieba    (pl)
As ecologistas vistas do céu    (pt)
Ecologists увиденные неба    (ru)
ekologa vidi u nebo    (sr)
Ekologer som ses av skyen    (sv)
นักนิเวศวิทยาเห็นของท้องฟ้า    (th)
Görülen Ecologists gökyüzünün    (tr)
کھلے اسمان تلے ecologists کے دیکھا    (ur)
Các nhà môi trường từ bầu trời    (vi)
生态学家被看见天空    (zh)

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