Download Firebird 1.2

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thibault    (2010-03-25)


Download Firebird 1.2

Firebird 1.2 is commented by many computer chess specialists as the new strongest chess engine in the world, even stronger than Rybka 3 & RobboLito.

It is a free & open-source UCI chess engine by: Kranium and Sentinel based on IppoLit chess engine by Yakov Petrovich Golyadkin, Yusuf Ralf Weisskopf, Igor Igorovich Igoronov, Roberto Pescatore, Ivan Skavinsky Skavar and the "Decembrists".

Firebird is a UCI windows 'console' application, without any GUI (graphical user interface) that you may use with free programs like Winboard, Arena, Chess-gui or with Chessbase 9 & 10.

It is still not clear yet if Firebird is a clone of Rybka 3.

Firebird 1.2 Downloads:

FireBird 1.2 w32
(optimized windows 32-bit executable, logo, and readme files)

Download file

FireBird 1.2 w32 new SMP
(optimized windows 32-bit executable, logo, and readme files, includes new/improved SMP routines)

Download file

FireBird 1.2 w32 no SSE2
(optimized windows 32-bit executable for older CPUs that don't support Intel SSE2 instruction set, with logo & readme files)

Download file

FireBird 1.2 x64
(optimized windows 64-bit executable, logo, and readme files)

Download file

FireBird 1.2 x64 new SMP
(optimized windows 64-bit executable, with logo & readme files, includes new/improved SMP routines)

Download file

FireBird 1.2 x64 new SMP KLO
(optimized windows 64-bit executable that includes new/improved SMP routines, alternate compile by KLO, logo & readme files)

Download file

FireBird 1.2 x64 new SMP popcnt_KLO
(optimized windows 64-bit executable that includes new/improved SMP routines, for newer CPUs like Core i7, or any that support POPCNT,
compile by KLO, with logo & readme files)

Download file

Notes :

Estimated Elo : 3400

If you get an error message while loading these executables, you may need to download and run the Microsoft VC++ 2008 Redistributable Package:



true SMP parallel search
analysis mode
configurable pawn hash
Hyatt Hash
perft, benchmark, and drawboard utilites
validate functions (debug)
multi pos gain (for each CPU/core/thread)
multi history (for each CPU/core/thread)

Most recent changes:

several minor bugs fixed:
no longer occasionally displays score of 0.01
no longer drops a thread after ~16 hours in analysis mode
engine now initializes at 128 Mb hash
movelists enlarged to accommodate really long games
pawn hash set to 32 Mb by default
improved time management

(maintenance release)
bug fix:
major changes to SMP (to prevent occasional exception error/timeout)
changes to NMR Smooth Scaling
Null Move verification default = true
verification reduction default = 7
GetNumberOfConsoleInputEvents ->_kbhit

support for RobboTripleBases and RobboTotalBases added
reads firebird.cfg parameters file on startup
writes (optional) time-stamped I/O log file
NMR Smooth Scaling now 'off' by default

SMP improvements/changes
major RobboTripleBase bug fix
support for new RobboTriple/Total Blocked (Z) bases added
improved hash functions
UCI options added: UCI_AnalyseMode, CPU Load Info, Current Move, Depth Info, Hash Full Info, TB Hits Info, Time Info
UCI options removed: Analysis Mode, Extra Info, Multi History, Multi Positional Gain
NMR Smooth Scaling renamed NMR Scaling
(Null Move Reduction Scaling)

New UCI options:

Pawn Value
Knight Value
Bishop Value
Rook Value
Queen Value
Bishop Pair Value
Null Move Verification
Verification Reduction
Extra Info
Analysis (Fritz) Mode
Move on Ponderhit (Never, Sometimes, Always)
NMR Smooth Scaling (Null Move Reduction Smooth Scaling)

(more options below)

*vezeci    (2010-04-18 09:51:06)
Download Firebird 1.2

Hi Thibault, having those links here is a great idea, the only thing, some of them are not related with Firebird chess engine, but with Firebird SQL Client Server Database.  Anyway, I do not mind those links, I use that database at work

thibault    (2010-04-18 14:10:25)


14 years ago

Indeed, I'll try to update this in a while to make it more coherent with the chess engine.

*thao    (2010-04-29 20:07:19)
14 years ago

Are all updates/upgrades to Firebird announced as they occur, and are there any upgrades currently anticipated in the near future?

thibault    (2010-04-30 02:30:58)


14 years ago

I think that Chesslogik is the real home of the Ippolit engines series, see their website for any recent news. I'll try to post the updates in this forum as soon as possible.

*lesaro    (2010-07-07 07:03:07)
14 years ago

firebird 1.2 is stronger than Rybka 4(w32)

*gijili    (2010-10-12 22:36:19)
Download Firebird 1.2

Anybody please help when i download it, it opens with itunes.Don't know what to do.

*mabige    (2010-10-30 15:58:24)

Hello Thibault,

I try to download the firebird, but when I click on create new uci engine, it says registering totalbases, please wait and registering triplebases, please wait. I can't get it work on chessbase 9, can you help me?

moderator    (2010-10-30 21:47:45)


13 years ago

Ah..... I have no idea there sorry, did you search Google?  Or you may try to ask in the Talkchess forum, a very active computer chess forum (or directly to the authors?!).

*lajade    (2010-11-24 10:05:51)
13 years ago

Hi thibault..I need to know what can beat rybka 6. is thereanything out there that can beat it? Mastermind!

*mikofi    (2011-01-27 05:47:42)
13 years ago

hi! please help me how to do it step-by-step.i just downloaded firebird1.2. I extracted all files but it only shows command prompt.they say i need uci engine. how do i make frnird work????

thibault    (2011-01-27 13:57:00)


Download Firebird 1.2

You may create a UCI engine on Chessbase, if you use it... What is your chess program?

tomlynch    (2011-03-10 15:13:14)
13 years ago

Want to use Firebird to create opening book in fastest amount of time, possibly utilizing newly created software, however of amateur status and need to engage someone for computer services.

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