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Does the contraceptive pill make grow bigger?

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*izzi    (2010-05-21)

This post is a rough translation from another language, see the original post.

Does the contraceptive pill make grow bigger?

Hello, I would like to know if it is true that certain contraceptive pills make grow bigger and if one can avoid that, how to make?  First question: which are the contraceptive pills which really make grow bigger and which is the cause, proportioning only?  Second question: in which cases one is obliged to take these contraceptive pills and not some others which are proportioned better?

On average, are one knows which the consequences on the weight after one year, two years, three years of catch of these pills?  Is the sport sufficient to counter the side effects of these pills where you advise another thing?

Thank you for your answers.

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Má antikoncepční pilulky učinit vyrostou ?    (cs)
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Die Antibabypille läßt vergrößern?    (de)
Το αντισυλληπτικό χάπι κάνει να διευρύνει;    (el)
Does the contraceptive pill make grow bigger?    (en)
¿La píldora contraceptiva hace agrandar?    (es)
آیا این یک قرص دسموپرسين بزرگتر رشد كند?    (fa)
Onko ehkäisyvälineiden pilleri tehdä kasvaa suurempia?    (fi)
Shi contraceptive tsami yi gagije ganina?    (ha)
האם גלולה גד הריון לעשות לגדול יותר גדול?    (he)
क्या यह गर्भनिरोधक गोली बनाना है । इन बड़े बड़े?    (hi)
Nem a fogamzásgátló tabletta gyártmány növesztés nagyobb?    (hu)
La pillola contraccettiva fa ampliare?    (it)
経口避妊薬はより大きく育つために作るか。    (ja)
피임 환약은 더 큽니까 성장하기 위하여 만드는가?    (ko)
De contraceptieve pil laat vergroten?    (nl)
Gjør de contraceptive pille gjøre växa større?    (no)
Czy dotyczących pill marka rosną bigger?    (pl)
Pilule contraceptivo faz engrossar?    (pt)
Nu la suta pastila sa cresc exponential?    (ro)
Противозачаточная пилюлька делает для того чтобы вырасти большле?    (ru)
Da li Kontr. Sredstvo lopta se uzgajaju veće?    (sr)
Gör den preventiv- pillen för att växa större?    (sv)
ไม่ได้ทำการคุมกำเนิดเม็ดทำให้ขยายใหญ่ขึ้นหรือไม่?    (th)
Bu doğum kontrol haplarının büyümesi hale daha büyük?    (tr)
یہ کونٹراسیپٹو گولی(چھوٹی بڑی ابانا کو?    (ur)
Thuốc làm cho bạn chất béo?    (vi)
避孕药是否做增长更大?    (zh)

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