Disposable email

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*nojunk    (2009-11-24)

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Disposable email

Hello, if you do not know these services yet, I advise you to see the sites ht*p://www.jetable.org and ht*p://www.yopmail.com which will enable you to create a disposable or temporary email free. That will avoid you receiving many spams and emails of the forums and blogs where you are registered.

Here now my question: You know similar services which also make it possible to answer in line and anonymously the emails that you receive?

Thank you to inform me if you know some.

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 Disposable E-mail - GentleSource
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 YOPmail - Your Own Protection mail against Spam!
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· To prevent abuse of service, sending emails from YOPmail is...

 Website Name

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  * - Disposeable * - Throw-Away * - Disposeamail.com

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If you enjoy this plugin and would like to help with the development,...
If you find any bugs with the plugin or if you have any suggestions,...
The plugin has been working fine for myself and a lot of users so...

 Temporary and * Services
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...ard is currently developing browser plugins that permit you to...
...ce list of disposable email addresses, but most of your descriptions...
are those which provide you give you a temporary email ID and inbox...

 How do Yahoo! AddressGuard's * addresses work?
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 Mailboxable - Free anonymous and temporary disposable e-mail address

 Incognito Mail - Disposable E-Mail - Temporary E-Mail Addresses


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بريد إلكترونيّ مستهلكة    (ar)
Еднократна употреба адрес на еле    (bg)
Jednorázové e-mail    (cs)
Jetable E-Mail    (de)
Jetable E-mail    (el)
Disposable email    (en)
Correo electrónico disponible    (es)
درمعرض‌ 2.    (fa)
Kertakäyttöisiä sähköposti    (fi)
disposable aika 'i-mel'    (ha)
חד-פעמיות אימייל    (he)
दोने-पत्तल दोस्तों    (hi)
Eldobható e-mail    (hu)
Posta elettronica monouso    (it)
使い捨て可能な電子メール    (ja)
처분할 수 있는 전자 우편    (ko)
Wegwerpe-mail    (nl)
Disponibel e-post    (no)
Jednorazowe e-mail    (pl)
Correio electrónico descartável    (pt)
E-mail unde unica folosinta    (ro)
Устранимый email    (ru)
Raspoloziv E-mail adresa    (sr)
Disponibel e-post    (sv)
อีเมลหลังหัก ภาษี    (th)
Harcanabilir email    (tr)
ای میل disposable    (ur)
一次性电子邮件    (zh)

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