Deadline to declare my incomes

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*spik    (2010-04-12)

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Deadline to declare my incomes

Hello, is I would like to know which the deadline to declare my incomes for this year 2010, I do not find this date on Internet and I thought of receiving a paper in April, you know if I am already late and which is the deadline?  You already received your declaration or you know the date on which it is sent by the tax services?  One can ask for an additional time if the mail is not received?

Was the previous years, the date different if one returned the declaration by Internet or the post office, you know if that changed this year?

Thank you for your assistance.


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Краен срок да декларира моя дохо    (bg)
Lhůta pro prohlásit mé příjmy    (cs)
Fristen for at erklære min indkomster    (da)
Letzter Termin, um meine Einkommen zu erklären    (de)
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Deadline to declare my incomes    (en)
Plazo para declarar mis rentas    (es)
من اعلام درآمدهاي مهلت    (fa)
Määräaika ilmaista tulot    (fi)
Wa'adin shi wajen ƙaddamar da ya incomes    (ha)
מועד סופי כדי להכריז לי הכנסה    (he)
मेरी आमदनी वाले घोषित    (hi)
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Termine per dichiarare i miei redditi    (it)
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Frist til å fortelle min økende    (no)
Termin złożenia deklaracji moich dochodach    (pl)
Fim do prazo para declarar os meus rendimentos    (pt)
Termenul-limita sa-si declare veniturile mele    (ro)
Краиний срок для того чтобы объя    (ru)
Krajnji rok za proglašenje moj prihoda    (sr)
Stopptid som förklarar min inkomster    (sv)
ยื่นคำขอเพื่อประกาศร    (th)
Süre ilan etmek benim gelirler    (tr)
میری امدنی کی ڈیڈ لائن ختم کرنے ک    (ur)
宣称我的收入的最后期限    (zh)

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