Chatroulette strip tease

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Chatroulette strip tease

Here is what everyone hopes to see when connecting to

Source : Youtube

Unfortunately, that it is very unlikely to happen... Actually, you may see about everything but this (and the worst of everything of course) in my opinion, but it may be quite addictive to many though.

Well, 10 minutes were enough to me, what about you?

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*bf4230    (2010-02-28 09:54:21)
Chatroulette strip tease, the new wave in chatroultte
New features and rooms with the best technology possible!!
Win $1000 for the best youtube site or screenshot
Dating, gay and VIP sectios coming soon

*sean    (2010-03-18 17:34:51)
13 years ago


Do you know the new concept of chatroulette with 4 stangers in th same room ? ht*p://

*smartguy    (2010-03-29 07:39:08)
13 years ago

Hey genius that was just a video that someone put instead of their own webcam image. It's painfully obvious that girl wasn't really talking to you. I used to put up a video like that and when the guy got all excited I would put on goatse or some guy sucking his own dick. You probably just got off to some guy tricking you so he could get off himself... I think that technically makes you a fag.

moderator    (2010-03-29 13:55:59)


13 years ago

Congrats "smartguy", you just discovered fire

*rightguy    (2010-04-08 08:09:45)
13 years ago

i just wana say that was actual funny for me i knew it was a joke and that made it even funnier u know what would have make it even better ...... fake snuff film ending.... am i right or am i right

*zugixe    (2010-06-12 20:00:43)
Chatroulette strip tease

nice one like it probably stop the wankers

*vagazo    (2010-06-14 00:47:55)
13 years ago

hi there anybody from london?

*revuno    (2010-06-14 13:16:12)
13 years ago

i want the site to go

*gavojo    (2010-06-23 22:34:01)
13 years ago

hey how i can see striptease?

*zigoji    (2010-06-25 00:46:02)
13 years ago

i've seen that video before. its not chatroulette

*pulicu    (2010-07-20 22:18:36)
Chatroulette strip tease

I saw this girl the other day and i wanna talk to her, she lives in philly, and her name is Maya. She gave me her number but i didnt write it down:(. I exited out by accident:P.

*vosebi    (2010-07-21 22:59:19)
13 years ago

hello someone wanna webcam ;')

*lisuxu    (2010-08-10 12:21:55)
13 years ago

would have loved being the nude male servant for those girls

*patuda    (2010-08-10 23:59:51)
13 years ago

hi have you been on gayroulette

*xugidu    (2010-09-29 16:53:08)
13 years ago

hello i am 18 years old

*cobo    (2010-09-30 22:31:13)
Chatroulette strip tease

what about games of what you want to do sexy

*repana    (2010-10-18 13:55:16)
12 years ago

Well when i was on it sum chick was naked n fingering herself.... and then i woke up :(

*vasire    (2010-10-26 01:45:21)
12 years ago

any1 wanna get down and dirty girls only x add me on msn charliehjones(at) girls!

*gudugo    (2010-11-13 04:18:18)
12 years ago

i am loving and caring but also i am a bitch but i can be a bit naughty loool in bed i love having sex its a hobbie to me xx

*soxini    (2010-12-26 23:59:03)
12 years ago

hello i love this website can more people join

*faximu    (2011-01-03 23:36:31)
Chatroulette strip tease

oui tu as un jolie corps

*gijimo    (2011-01-19 00:21:26)
12 years ago

7inc cock waiting to b3 tossed off girlls only! add mee on msn


*lituxu    (2011-03-21 23:05:00)
12 years ago

wanna see you naked and see your boobs[COLOR=RED][/COLOR

*leduxe    (2011-06-07 03:23:20)
12 years ago

i hope you do realize that thats a video and not actually girls dancing

*fatugu    (2012-09-10 04:02:18)
11 years ago

all you see on chatroulette are fat hairy men from turkey masterbating

*dojaka    (2013-02-02 17:55:05)
Chatroulette strip tease

quite fun there is some good videos too. i guess she realy really likes him but who knows what is going through her mind. Why do we need to write so many words to put a comment on here? I don't get it. you can actually find more on free chat room

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