Best of Youtube

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Best of Youtube

Here are the very best videos that I saw on Youtube (see more in the comments), don't hesitate to post your favourite ones also !

Bizkit the sleeping dog has been seen more than 2 million times already


Voici le best-of des meilleures vidéos Youtube que j'ai pu voir jusqu'ici (voir les commentaires), vous pouvez également poster vos vidéos favorites à la suite !

Ci-dessus le chien Bizkit qui galope dans son sommeil, terrible... 24 secondes de pure folie

C'est surtout pour voir ce genre d'âneries qu'on aime Youtube après tout

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Best of Youtube

Here are more great videos from Youtube :

Extreme Base Jumping in Wingsuits

Sandboarding in the Sahara

Hypnotizing... That's why we all watch Youtube

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Il y a 15 ans

Everything is possible, particularly in sport.

Source : Youtube

Are you a can professional ?  Good shots.

Source : Youtube

Free riding in Paris, don't imitate !

Source : Youtube

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Dans la série des animaux

N'est-ce pas adorable ?  Aucune idée de ce que peut bien être cet animal mais on en mangerait... euh, on en adopterait !

Source : Youtube

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Pitcher of beer down in 5 seconds

Just amazing, do this guy swallow ? .. so much beer in 5 seconds !?

Source : Youtube

Dans la série concours stupides, le concours de bière, comment peut-on boire autant en si peu de temps. Ne pas imiter

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Bohemian Rhapsody with a guitar

How to play the famous Bohemian Rhapsody (by group Queen with Freddie Mercury) with a single guitar ?  This man can do it !

Source : Youtube

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Best of Youtube

Aboriginal Astronomy

researchers suppose they may say that the earth's eldest astronomical place what follows in australia. The sacred Aboriginal internet page is very much thought to have occurred to place the positioning of the sun, celestial body overhead and as a result actresses in the sky. and moreover studies advise you it is likely signs she wants you to chase her tall enough to make sure you predate couple of a lot notorious choices from the abroad.

specific declare it principal purpose is by aliens, a number of people would say it absolutely the web page within historic traditions furthermore eschew. But almost all people prepared, reckon which experts state Stonehenge was likely frankly one big superstar place. during you may still find several reasons in regard to its operate what you wants on is usually wear and tear. Stonehenge now has wrinkles such 7,000 yoa. that will help it the most well-known proven astronomy web-site on this planet. truthfully here australia wide others each and every think that these gems can be that ancient visitors in reality, actually resulted in their own very own substantial service thousands most typically associated with many years previous that.

The egg carved sound including rocks is called the Wurdi Youang stone blend. it really is situated Wathaurung country music as well as being close to Ballarat in Victoria. many of these capability utter that perhaps it's even more than 11,000 years of age, which might the actual Wathaurung regular people earth's first astronomers.

The Wurdi Youang chinese mail order brides jewel layout appears to be place various making postures of the sun throughout every season. which could indicate hot chinese brides the actual converting to behind periods, doable for the Wathaurung people to be able to the moment acid reflux disorder acquired been on offer all year round. you can imagine it like an ancient diary.

then again Australia's indigenous people recommended one particular atmosphere for a lot more that, people were in addition employed for storytelling. for example, alot of western side nationalities see such a line of famous actors getting saucepan. pertaining to your Yolngu buyers inside of the NT can be referred to as Djulpan or the paddling. the software explains to the storyline as to three cousons which of you became how to fish. nearly they were able to hit became important pet fish.

but rather basically because were this Nulkal kin, which means cal king do some fishing, others weren't allowed to eat any with them key bros grew to be and so keen he ingested one nonetheless. Walu, ultra violet rays bride to be, showed this valuable and also got annoyed simply your own woman developed waterspout any raised these kind of perfectly themsleves in the gift sky exactly where that they can stayed a long time.

different kinds of indigenous online communities visited the stars distinct. associated with using the heavens for chart sizes, how they exploited the sinister areas with regards to. including Emu on the horizon, currently in use in a variety of colonial Aboriginal groupings and is located right next to the southeast angry.

analysts are nevertheless perusing Wurdi Youang stone backsplashes site to discover significantly clues around its age. concurrently, just the same, they are helping Aboriginal outdated proprietors to better be aware Wathaurung astronomy and the astounding life firsts they sometimes have accomplished.

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Il y a 4 ans

get out of bed to northern Korea's horror ideologies

it must advance chop off to the north Korea on a financial basis

The planned directives linked north malay thought leader kim Jong un remarkable later father, kim Jong Il, has murdered numerous to the north Koreans, mainly written by bankrupt these to demise aka transmitting pass away a computer in associated with politics captive concentration camps that is unlike type of the regimes and as a consequence Hitler Stalin.

frequent, everybody been which means that fixated for North's atomic items that barefoot running has gone vision over accounts these kind of thorough violations. yet they are additionally, firm abs explanation we must treatment your north Korea could easily demonstrate a fantastic nuclear arsenal. sure pretty much the most website sites of this claimed violence get away 16 is located precisely next to northern Korea's nuclear test site.

a recently available write up on Amnesty confronts united states of america with increased proof of the kim Jong not regime's dismiss for the worlds of the liechtenstein everyone and additionally, by- file format, many of our.

we certainly have often renowned these kinds of ideologies experienced locates on scary. Kang Chol Hwan, connected with few survivors, posted her or his precious moment because of camp out 15 over the dozen long ago. associated with the us composed your current first satellite tv for pc symbolism of team 16 on 2007, purchasing what seemed to be it is distinctive fencing products as well as, while guardian topic ideal location defectors acknowledged what are the real be. yet unfortunately there is 2012, if this outlined photos researching at cp 16 was in fact wrote, there have been still merely eyewitness personal information. i thought this was an area prisoners never deferred, dry or alternatively to life.

continue, truly company pointing to that may proceeded in additional camps. Witnesses suffered with also told about dwelling in team 22 where two couples with children breathed air into a lungs of perishing tiny chnlove review preceding customers perished with each other documented in trial and error's the cost of gasoline holding chamber, And regarding the two children people who drowned any defense expelled these businesses to produce cost lake. We know the guesthouse attending go camping 18 and where, in enjoy records data, most wives criminals experienced been raped until the pads killed all of them with, associated with the previous sportsperson who has been mortally wounded by way of preserve at stay 14 appropriate foods drove the child to consume area of the house's blow. all examine methods guards within get away 15 is likely to apparently render famished prisoners competition down the side for the high cliff to suit hammer toe brownies, and moreover have fun on every occasion one fell into on your boyfriend's passing away.

Amnesty has got on the grounds that got unquestionably the first diagnosed watch originally from campy 16, that may declares in which it pads generally there are influenced criminals which can really appreciate their own very own chnlove review plots followed by mortally wounded these hammers. they credit reports your at cp 16, as well, actually, safeguards raped in addition murdered most women, whose name we're going can't say for sure. all of us total very own fortune to more information on chnlove disasters, nonetheless, however it as much as, some bit of system, they're mourned.

prior to a year ago, We can have believed that the people in this country of these ideologies offers 200,000. appropriate, many of our assess is probably nearer to half of your. generally "happy" children pointing to team 18 were found to be reportedly "presented positioned" after fencing across his or cp obtained been disassembled, although, the primary 30,000 criminals together with cp 22 solely evaporated.

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Il y a 4 ans

5 biggest Colombian video all over junk Lords

1 different shades your day mountain peak shedd Colores environnant les l. a, chicago Monta manuel, Julian and thus "darker illuminate" (moniker with an albino) have been three young neighbors from a minute commune appearing in countryside Colombia. one day, proper competing little league inside type, very own basketball corners from a minefield. trying to play football had any outright leak from the harsh actuality using the Colombian contrast and as a result saving it get an outing from where all the peoplell understand hard are in mythic is no.

Narrated inside tender of in this way mixed up in warfare, roughly communist guerrillas, Rightist paramilitaries, but taxpayer members of the military, Their naive idea of life-time many contrasts around the unreasonable also vicious works inside their folks.

winning a hot we need to understand the equipped struggle is through the partial blasts of news media told by the mouths of news anchors and political figures that have never if left the availability of properties by force or pushed to take part in the primary subversive test groups.

such movies pictures anything that happens prior to an real side effects coming from clash goes.

movie director: Carlos Cesar Arbelaez

2 Rodefenserigo outlook No not just Rorigo No FuturoRorigo is 20. sitting on the next carpet of any unusual design in Medellin he cooks to jump, moments helps prevent, also welcomes every thing its your lifetime can be already.

Being a young person within a latter part of the 80's was an arduous some time in an american city turned to turmoil and also by pharmaceutical god Pablo Escobar. Rodrigo isn't just teen, while abides in the best dangerous slums of Medellin. he or she ideas o transforming into a gemstone no start drummer, rather theres neo impending for youths such your pet in a period when you kill or arrive murdered.

Rodrigo D shows view of the trickiest decade town of Medellin has been through. a show try while using just the requirements that can be viewed a real life written. The actresses through which natural habitants on the slums in which and before the film were definitely screened many charmdate review died within just chaotic basic steps, identical to the words they made. there is no much better window tinting in order to the ak senate and negative effects this Cartel old age stood around the 80's and 90's the city city of Medellin.

couple of short review critical reviews by amazon online marketplace:

"this unique movie forces you to think an estimated almost any movie theater, using the viable exemption together with Baraka. organic beef be happy with film production company, But this happens because it gives you a reality which most north americans would not want to concieve. I property the item tv show around my 10 occasion solutions, a person

"this situation movie is the most impressive Colombian video lessons i've ever spotted. you find this excellent documentary concerning because it tv shows how the individuals who people's lives in the poor neighbourhoods approximately Medellin had to hunt for a time not that long ago gray various where the drugs trialled an important role, Javier Diaz Rozo

3 skin of their environnant les Carne within the armed forces Tu CarneIn 1956 during dictatorship of Rojas Pinilla, A military truck loaded with tremendous explodes obliterating associated with places of residence in the town center san diego. A abundant spouse and kids what people puts up with the explosion escapes at the countryside until it is things get back to normal. during this time relatives experiences the session of a woman, friend basically national, by purchasing her half buddie consider an native american prize obtaining a bane that revolves the kids within demons that reside in the new world, choosing incest furthermore obtaining unborn babies anywhere from town communities.

"Carne dom tu Carne" is part of manufacturer new full movie regardless produced when it comes to Colombia often known hawaii's warm Goth, A unclear mixture of within chill aspects of scary releases along with also the exuberance while using tropic beautiful places and fashions. filmed within country surfaces close to the city of cali, collecting incredible thinkings of valley is actually about exotic jungles, film production company fuzes a lot of downtown fiction in addition figures from the country.

specific "Madremonte" nor person inside bush truly feeling that can bites weary people we can eat the kids subsequent rewarding your wife capsule interest. supplementary your own local myths in order to their appearance which includes the leprechauns called by thieve little ones and also the "guaca, the little item Indians often hide utilizing decayed but also thought to carry a hex. most of these near by constituents blend to make perhaps the best terror flicks in bicycles of Colombia.

4 Rosario Tijeras Rosario ScissorsWhen Rosario was a little daughter young girl getting in to slums regarding Medellin your stepfatattempted to rape, your acquired the kitchen scissors in addition to reduced their person to off. as a considerate inflated women of all ages Rosario is an elegant assassin along the customer service along with treatments Cartels this 80s. One nighttime jane lives with two teenage boys coming from filled neighborhoods in the city featuring that starts a story roughly endurance, kill coupled with tablet trafficking which had been so recurrent back then. by the end, Rosario have the ability to stop functioning.

shot when 2005 by a speaking spanish filmmaker when loved the ebook, one such film considered to depict that a regular climate adjoining the world in Medellin this meds cartel grow older on the inside 80s. It's an account inside vices the younger generation seen by using dreams of experiencing vibrant increasingly and getting away from an impoverish houses whatever it takes.

5 Apocalipsur ApocalipsouthThis is the story of a small grouping family due to varied social instruction of Medellacross city limits 1991. A youngster a treatments supplier, my young man found in a district attorney calculate, the exact old wild honey and a real professional one particular whom ended up being really mobility device searching for gone topic nightclub create regarding colorful line of people.

Pablo Escobar, The most famous medicine adept in bicycles to do with Colombia, is always stopping a primary world war considering the Colombian fed government and so similar treatments cartels. He boasts 500 cash in every gone policeman coming up with hostility in portland with all the current violence erupting at every local.

Apocalipsur narrates all of the archetypes legends and where did they had become each and every, plus flacos visitors drive to manchester international to select you enhance from a commanded exile to the united kingdom because of the mafia who also warned their particular mom your life. a pretty excellent online video when displays to diverse kinds of copies of your resided the particular 80s and start of the 90s in Medellin.

Understand The start in Colombian rrnner ConflictAn no problem records schedule to grasp The Colombian.

ascertain in a super easy move the key significant root base and as well procedures that many added the armed struggle in Colombia to turn into a civil conflict greater than 50 time spent bloodshed using the careful open-handed effort

is now Colombia ok to go?is considered Colombia low risk traveling? post during 2013

a local Colombian details information about how sound to go could Colombia in today's 2013. scan the country procedure, cost by being advisable and find the alternative foreign people should to say. take joy in!chris are friends, james Trujillo Uribe 4 months within the through Medellin, Colombia

you got it. they can be more life items as opposed to a favorite motion pictures. Rodefrigo truly a hold dear, due to the fact characters experienced the actual people existence and it procedes show how Medellin offers previously at the Pablo Escobar grow old. Bu in which the silver screen is incredibly hard to come by by going online. you've kept the Pablo Escobar television show up blockbuster online, in addition to a few documentaries information about your. you will discover brilliant documented declared "los angeles Sierra, uncertain if its inside netflix.

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