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About paid links

The new rules to follow seem to be :

- Get links related to your website
- Publish links related to your website
- Do not label your links (ie. sponsored links..) or with a pic.
- Remove your link from TLA - Text Link Ads

Any other advices ?

(more options below)

*j-man    (2008-10-20 02:06:36)
Yahoo, Business.com, BOTW

Hi all.  Well I suggest yahoo directory #1, then business.com and best of the web as #2.  These are not cheap.  But they work very well. 

Here is a good resource list of this:
Top Directories for SEO

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healthtourism    (2011-05-16 15:45:02)
About paid links

Avoid them.

Prostate Cancer Treatment Mexico

charlottemanage    (2011-06-14 21:32:59)
13 years ago

Paid links are not good
Charlotte Property Management

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