xFlipsoft Newly Released Digital Magazin

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merrychen    (2012-11-15)
xFlipsoft Newly Released Digital Magazin

Doing good deals online is influenced by a good many of the factors. Making a success of the business is the result of all kinds of comprehensive factors. It is due to these various traits that online websites can often offer big discounts over ordinary prices. Today we are going to focus on the xFlipsoft website.

Since the founding of xFlipsoft website, it has spared no effort to develop various practical tools for those business people, which provide a convenient way for them to read and view various information by creating flip magazine from various files. Let us witness again the power of the rapid progress in technological developments which has made life much more convenient for us.

Now the good news is that our users can get the big discount for its upgraded version. You can order software that is sold and gets a free trial as long as 30 days. Discounts can be up to 50% off. Once the news has been released, there was a great scurry for bargains. Emphasis is put on the two of the best software: xFlip Lite and xFlip Profession software.

xFlip Lite
According to the xFlip website, it has a consumer website and a website for businesses, to help meet its diverse customer base. xFlip Lite is one simple yet effective software which can help you to utilize their software to create flash page flips. The website will allow you to download a free trial edition of its page flip software for over 30 days. Now the promotion has begun up to 50% off the original price. xFlip Lite is currently available for a special introductory price of $58.20 (regularly $97.00) from the xflip.com web store.

xFlip Profession software
xFlip Profession software, also called Digital Magazine Software, has a significant amount of features that are usually only available for commercial programs, including adding rich media, adding links to web & email and embedding YouTube videos etc. to make your own favorite pages flip. The software is also highly rated by both users and reviewers on sites such as CNET.com. xFlip Profession software is currently available for a big discount price of $178.20 (regularly $297.00).

About xFlipsoft

xFlipsoft, one of the multimedia software developing corporations, is an innovative software developer dedicated to delivering the very best in software products and services to the worldwide consumer and business market segments. Now it has great news for e-book users who have experienced the frustration of not being able to view digital magazine or upload flip pages to personal websites. For more details, please visit: ht*p://www.xflip.com/pricing.html

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