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merrychen    (2013-01-23)
xFlip HTML5 Publishing Software

On today's web pages, site visitors could get a wide range of media -- from streaming music to videos you can share with your families and friends. If you happen to have your own website, you're dying for a chance to make the best use of web technology in sharing your many different kinds of media on your site. There are many different ways you can get out there and enjoy sharing your websites with different people.

At the same time, however, you should recognize that you can have a multimedia site to promote your site visitor's experience, whether it's a personal website or a professional website showing off your services. Generally speaking, there are two common and easy ways you can contain audio and video on your site using HTML -- by hyper linking or using HTML5 to embed a media player on your web page. Here we will confine ourselves to introduce how to embed or insert audio and video files to HTML5 files easily and effectively.

1. Conduct research on the Internet. Here we may highly introduce xFlip digital magazine software that today has launched its upgraded version with the robust functions of creating digital publications in HTML5 as well as flash.

2. Free download and launch the software smoothly. The software allows to create flip magazine or HTML5 files enriching with image, videos and audios without encoding your audio and video files. Click the "Music" files to find and upload the audio files to its screen.

3. Powerful page flip software also allows to edit and customize your files with its various editing settings. Most importantly, it also supports batch conversion that allows you to add as many files as you desired at one time. Then you could click "Publish" to start creating HTML5 files with its easy-to-use interface.

4. Find its output directory and open the HTML files in a browser. You ought to be able to see an embedded video or audio player displayed on the page allowing you to play your media file.

If your recent web browser can't playback the files smoothly, then you may select to include a link to download the file instead of showing the error message that the browser is not supported.


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