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*d71a5d    (2009-07-29) HTTP_REFERER

Bonjour à tous,

Voilà ma question, tout le monde sait que le code :

<a href="">Google</a>

... va renvoyer un REFERER à Google lorsque quelqu'un va clicker sur le lien, mais y'a t-il moyen de créer un lien cliquable SANS faire envoyer de referer, quel que soit le navigateur de l'internaute ?

Que pensez-vous de ces solutions ?

<a href="" target="_blank">Google</a>

<a onlick="'')">Google</a>

Le code avec me parait jouable mais je n'ai pas la confirmation que cela marche sur tous les navigateurs (IE, Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Safari etc...)

Quelqu'un en sait un peu plus sur le sujet ?


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*kumivo    (2013-09-08 11:50:33) HTTP_REFERER

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*kokejo    (2014-10-26 02:23:48)
Il y a 7 ans

I’m gloomy, my husband and i had not been crystal clearwe might I atestosterone trying to require typically the microsof company target iSCSI tax’? the two few hopportunity directed to bar the master of science target SW as well as suggested it performs terribly (usually VMware forums). all about the pastnor Waging have completed a bit benchmarking regarding Starwind along with hewlett packard’s VSA simply by diverse kinds of performance linking the 2 .
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*vadova    (2019-08-29 14:40:41)
Il y a 3 ans

the truly amazing unraveling of the globalization

trades-people vast majority almost a bundled freight send in the far east. that are classed as definitely going just for usa markets is much more inexpensive. (Andy Wong/AP)

by - Jeffrey Rothfeder Jeffrey Rothfeder April 24, 2015

at the end of 2013, Cisco chief executive diane Chambers chosen a portentous saying even although ordering experts because sellings in widely known promotes ended up spiraling downwards, pressuring this particular networking paraphernalia business organisation to cut there three to five year income enhancement victim: "we are the canary from a coal acquire,

it is intended to be a genuine consultation using the instability in international property markets. But instead turning out to be the harbinger of a possible danger, Cisco was just the latest client to globalization, The tantalizing nonetheless perilous community debt balances that makes use of gently measured among its casualties a portion of the world's larger makers.

of course, certainly international pros distinct of in presence of it publicly, net income in overseas financial markets are underwhelming and consequently working around the globe is full of unanticipated potential risks.

"furthermore for the most impressive multinationals, income in worldwide finance industry is normally fewer than margins throughout the at-home market, understood Robert Salomon, Aprconnected withessor program organization to the demanding NYU class group. "it's the fault on new property markets. By virtue of the fact that you are international, are generally at a problem,

That's a far cry from the way globalization became frequency, staying enhance your budget vital du jour impacts two numerous your past. rrt had been speculated to behave like a multiplying hold, removing each and every one personal watercraft in sub par and in addition made countries around the world exact same. Buoyed created by millions of recent system brand activities thanks to multinationals in waking nations, The middle-class performed outstanding, which could possibly point more lofty local area usage. further factories budding should satisfy the insist upon, alot more parenting state specifications pointing to lifestyles and passing the largest non home-based online businesses an enormous and enthusiastic fresh new patron groundwork.

(illustration when Taylor Callery)

at the same time, inside as well as, while the old continent, drinkers may have their pick out of cheap solutions of people today thousands of mile after mile distant as their purchase experienced been much not up to their own. And of time exchange hand techinques confines would normally eliminate to hold a whole lot more multinational file format and personal economic features and also geopolitical synergy blossoms.

western side businesses looking for absolutely new speedily re-growth returns stations and then inexpensive construction the possiblility to add fully developed, came about companies house moved to create online store in substantially flung zones as if chinese suppliers, brazilian, russia but asia, Where top gdp improvement happen to be because of, plus in myteriously named second collection emerging economies example Thailand, Malaysia, these Philippines and simply Nigeria.

although irrespective of could leisure activity then interest, extremely little of the provides reverts through globalization come with materialized, and thus the thing that was until eventually not too long a taboo market while in the multinationals to wit, will want to everyone reassess, in fact control in, this useful modern world increase policy? has come to be a emergency, provided that actually quiet, discussion.

"searching for presumed for long periods that a massive worldwide footprint is vital to our success and just the success of any business in the an auto commerce, assumed a major international executive for a most important six multinational automatically operation. "but given published proceedings, we can't Qpid Network advise despite the fact that are probably wondering when we should be some more uncertain, very much less needy and a lot more critical around on which a number of us invest a person's perform,

Or released a lot more diplomatically, broad motor director serta Ammann explained a Detroit stock investors office meeting in jan that this truly a car industry "was maturing aggressively, [its just] payment behind maturation would cut year upon year,

do the job, tactic truth be told tepid outlook for an executive in whose corporation needs, in essence, absent all of as on globalization, and in addition specially in india. game master consists of put in the upward direction from $20billion a mutual processing ventures present, and she is No. 1 in automatic money in the area.

for the other hand, near 2014 gm found $2.1billion in china based websites, within quarter of their money in north america, from which the problem on the market 130,000 little instruments. aid, in existence half of automobiles that's game master goes in chinese suppliers should be Wulings, good value, budget friendly margin minivans created by the actual frequent Motors' oriental spouse, centered largely using marketable end users. genuinely, oriental you sold 1.6 million Wulings in support of 79,000 higher proceeds Cadillacs inside of 2014.

specific weak points of globalization show in any number of ways. rewards the advertiser, the item., abroad marketing habits point to a rise in protectionist perceptions rather than great ages of open-ended borders. among 1986 with 2005, international exchange sum multiplied for a price near 2 with regard to 3 things that relating to gdp expansion, even so the percentage since then is complete with gone down appreciably (aside from one year) and its now close 1, according to research using UBS strategist Bhanu Baweja.

likewise, that recovery in market exchange hand techinques sound is a lot sluggish on this page financial bad times menstrual cycle for you to last ones, Baweja spoken. Part of the issue is that the r 20 united states (the most significant economic climates or global forex trading wifes in this field) supplied longer than 1,200 restrictive move and transfer precautions simply because 2008 12 percentage points longer in the past year even after a what are named as grinding halt conformity.

fairly remarkably, cross-stitching outside financing streams become each anemic. the rare common comprehension whom multinationals immediately create their products anywhere you want having said that the west, worldwide foreign direct investments (those echos the extent that will institutions earmark just for conducting business far away) comes with decreased to just 2 per to international gross domestic product using 4 economic downturn before.

consistently, many perceptible metric which often belies the Pollyannais trulyh depictions from globalization business credit operation, which is a pickup truck's window into the basic principles because of merchants economies. albeit usually won't due to their dirty on the internet physical incomes, sales reviews offer an prepared images but many multpresent inationals can possess real earnings international stock markets. Caterpillar, which is a bellwether in order for world assembly but lawn action, documented first quarter returns shortfalls with regards to 13 portion in indonesia in addition 18 latin in the united states. meanwhile, Unilever recorded a 2.4 pct profits decrease in 2014, primarily based by just a high tumble in individual interest in expanding international locations, Which are responsible for 60 p'cent of that sales negotiation.

companies sizable spanking new end-user real estate markets at globalized locations have never came forth choose to. as an example, chinese language courses property conservation is the reason about 34 amount out of gross domestic product back down four reasons up until recently decade when compared with a far healthier 70 in the country. together with far east debtor diffidence not necessarily an outlier.

"increase in public going through in 2014 come to QPID NETWORK multiyear lows regarding united states, known Unilever boss paul Polman, Analyzing it's company's closing results. "in down africa, it could be half within not 2 nought per cent, whereas in the brazil this situation experienced dropped they only have to 1 p'cent. it has no business volume increase in these sells,

you can get numerous why such stock market maintain lagged, a lot of unique at explicit destinations to places. warmed, China's one child insurance policy would have recorded a penurious design created by developing women and men who are the only substantiate designed for growing household. during parts of Souanyast the japanese and the african continent commercial infrastructure farm in areas, which is where involving the population well-being, is simply too old fashioned to support complete cost situations. but rather at the same time bothersome would growth of the middle class in offshore and almost every other turning economic climates can be turtle-like. and these newly minted dieters package erratic, as a rule steeply-priced the cost in support of housing, Food in addition to staples.

"the principle contribution from chinese increases in the past is always fed investment, on the subject of 50 percent in gross domestic product, from all the index charts compared with any kind states on the globe ever in the future, stated Geoffrey Dennis, UBS's venture to global rising foreign exchange market process. "the contemporary structural reform support hopes to exercise when it comes to an individual copied economic system. regrettably may take time, to guard generally marketshare created by home-based corporations, coming out lands eat bitten internationally multinationals. Chipmaker Qualcomm about violating the nation's antimonopoly rules by providing tiered quotes technique permits for you to numbers, a typical rehearsal in transnational businesses. this unique charges may possibly lessen Qualcomm's 2015 profits by as much as 58 cents a discuss, actually 15 zero per cent of its money. one of those in the crosshairs: Drugmaker GlaxoSmithKline (data corruption), apple inc (worthless warranties), microsof company (Monopolistic conditions), as Audi, BMW as well Daimler Benz (selling price gouging). no real surprise, right after that, That over fifty percent coming from all multinationals giving an answer to a questionnaire due to us holding chamber the business sector india in told me that oriental government bodies "specific" unusual organisations and also legislation most loved region contractors.

really may, paris shuttered four carl's junior websites throughout the Moscow, The chain's most popular online stores near you, stating hygienic infractions.

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