win against Anand


win against Anand :-)

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Marc Lacrosse    (2007-04-22)
win against Anand :-)

Yesterday world number one Vishy Anand played a 90-minute simul against 19 opponents on ICC to raise funds for his favorite charity in India.
I had bought a seat and intended to play an unorthodox opening if possible.
I happened to be lucky enough to get the opportunity to play my favorite Basman-Sale sicilian defence...
... and I won !

In the very next days I will publish the game with a few comments on my site at

This is the most beautiful day of my chess life :-)


the game :

[Event "ICC 90 5 u"]
[Site "Internet Chess Club"]
[Date "2007.04.21"]
[Round "1"]
[White "Anand"]
[Black "Bluesette"]
[Result "0-1"]
[ICCResult "White resigns"]
[WhiteElo "2786"]
[BlackElo "2155"]
[Opening "Sicilian defense"]
[ECO "B41"]
[NIC "SI.41"]
[Time "12:04:06"]
[TimeControl "5400+5"]

1. e4 c5 2. Nf3 e6 3. d4 cxd4 4. Nxd4 Bc5 5. Nb3 Bb6 6. Nc3 Ne7 7. Bf4 d5 8. exd5 Nxd5 9. Nxd5 exd5 10. Bb5+ Nc6 11. O-O O-O 12. c3 Bf5 13. Qd2 a6 14. Bxc6 bxc6 15. Be3 Bc7 16. Bf4 Bb6 17. Rfe1 Qf6 18. Be5 Qg6 19. Qf4 Be4 20. Qg3 Rfe8 21. Bd4 Bc7 22. Qxg6 Bxg6 23. Nc5 a5 24. b3 Bf5 25. f3 h5 26. g3 f6 27. Kf2 Kf7 28. Na4 g5 29. Rxe8 Rxe8 30. Bb6 Bxb6+ 31. Nxb6 Rb8 32. Na4 Rb5 33. Rd1 Be6 34. Ke3 c5 35. Kd2 c4 36. bxc4 dxc4 37. Kc1 Rf5 38. Rf1 Re5 39. Rf2 Re3 40. f4 gxf4 41. Rxf4 Re1+ 42. Kb2 Re2+ 43. Ka3 Rxh2 44. Nc5 Bg4 45. Ne4 f5 46. Rf2 Rxf2 47. Nxf2 Kf6 48. Ka4 Kg5 49. Kxa5 f4 50. gxf4+ Kxf4 {White resigns}

Thibault de Vassal    (2007-04-22 12:32:08)
win against Anand :-)

Great & congrats ! :) .. such a thing does not happen every day. It's a real honor to beat a top class player, even in a simul - and with Black. (would have been even more pleasant in "real life" for sure)

Do you still play some FIDE events / tournaments, Marc ?

Marc Lacrosse    (2007-04-22 12:58:58)
win against Anand :-)

No I don't play serious chess over the board any more (last serious games were something like ten years ago)

But here I was very well prepared and I have considerable experience with the unusual opening I played, both from blitzes and from my correspondence preparation.

I just counted : there are more than 4900 lines of personal analysis in my Basman sicilian files ;-)

I was just lucky to get the opportunity to play this line...


Nick Burrows    (2007-04-22 18:55:20)

Well done Marc, i for one am impressed! Especially as Anand is such an effective quick player.
How deep did your theory go?
what was his final score? nick

Thibault de Vassal    (2007-04-22 21:06:10)
win against Anand :-)

4900 lines ?? .. huge !

I just looked at the game a bit deeper. You played it really well... Would you have agreed a draw at move 16 ?

Marc Lacrosse    (2007-04-23 00:51:39)
some infos

Anand won 17, drew one and lost one.

I have put the game on my website with light comments at :


Jason Repa    (2007-04-23 03:43:01)
win against Anand

Did you receive any prize/award?

Marc Lacrosse    (2007-04-23 09:43:40)
prize/award ?

Not at all, and this is normal : it was a charity action intended to raise funds for handicapped children in India.

My main reward was quite a few congratulations and a also some bitter accusations regarding computer cheating by myself ...

These are not easy to answer ...

How can I prove that I did not use computers ?


Jason Repa    (2007-04-23 10:04:00)
Cheating Accusations

My advice is to take the accusations with a grain of salt. I'm a very good blitz/bullet player and years ago before I found out about ICC and I used to play at the crappy free sites such as yahoo and pogo. I would often be the strongest and highest rated player in the room and would get constantly accused of being a "prog". I would say take it as a compliment but these people are too stupid to understand what a good move or good technique is. They make the accusation based on successful results only.
As for your game with Anand. I think it's ridiculous to accuse you of program assistance. For starters, the game isn't very important. It's just an unrated simul game with no prize whatsoever. It seems to me you should have received some sort of award, not necessarily cash, but something chess related and of value. I understand it's for charity, but I can't see who in their right mind would pay money to play in a simul when there is no incentive to win. You might as well just write a check to send directly to the handicapped children of India.
When Chapters bookstore hired me to do a chess simul it was a fundraiser for our chess club. I didn't lose any games, but the sole person to merely draw me (28-0-1) in the 29 games I played received a free tournament entry ($30 value) to one of our local monthly events. I thought this was a great idea and had the benefit of bringing a new player into our club.

Thibault de Vassal    (2007-04-23 15:22:49)
Computer use

You can't prove it, of course... I wouldn't say these accusations are totally ridiculous, it's hard to avoid it. Actually we have to accept the idea that there's a "probability" (even small) of cheating in such online events, nothing more... The fact is it's not important, so the result for Anand.. the main winner is the charity action :)

Catalin Ionescu    (2007-04-23 16:34:15)
Good Job!

So you are the guy who defeated Anand :) ... I saw only the last 10 moves of your game.

Anyway congratulations for this victory !!!

Catalin Ionescu    (2007-04-23 17:00:07)
web link

you're also on Susan Polgar's blog: