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Arno Bezemer    (2009-06-23)
waiting lists 2400+

For months now i see 4 players in the +2500 waiting list and 3 in the 2400-2800 waiting list. If there are no objections i suggest we combine the two groups.
Best regards,

Thibault de Vassal    (2009-06-23 17:11:00)
waiting lists 2400+

Hello Arno,

5 months for the next class SM tournament is quite long indeed. I may ask to all players in the waiting lists but in my experience I doubt that everyone will agree and it would be not fair that I take such a decision without asking.

Summer is not the most active season for chess but most players register for new tournaments just after the new rating list is published (next week, july 1st) so let's see... moreover the next WCH cycle will not start before november so I hope that a few players will register for this tournament.

To be continued.

Arno Bezemer    (2009-06-23 18:48:35)
waiting lists 2400+

Thanks for your quick reply Thibault,
I'll be patient

Robert Mueller    (2009-06-28 12:21:19)
I agree ...

... with Arno Bezemer here. I am one of the three players in the 2400+ group. Having waited for 5+ months for this event to start, I would very much like to see the 2400+ and 2500+ event put together.

Wayne Lowrance    (2009-06-28 19:19:34)

Yes lets combine. Waiting time is far to long.

Wayne Lowrance    (2009-06-28 19:24:56)

Thibault, the WCH waiting list is not open for new registration !?, so what you mean ?

Wayne Lowrance    (2009-07-10 02:51:57)

Tribault have you polled all participants if they approve combing the two tourney's

Thibault de Vassal    (2009-07-10 18:30:31)

Well, we are 5 players in the waiting list right now, summer is obviously the less active season but I think we should wait for 2 more players anyway. Players in the GM waiting list are free to join the class SM anyway.

About the WCH, the waiting lists should be open in august.