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ahmed11    (2009-09-24)
voip forums

Hi Guys! How are you all ? I am Ahmed from Memphis. I must
say that this is a good forum for VOIP discussion .

During my search for for VOIP and call termination forums i found lots of forums like which is a good forum for finding Buyers/Sellers forour desired destination.

I think i have shared the beneficial information
for all of you if it is true
then please write few lines in reply.Thanks

(more options below)

*kamuva    (2010-04-12 12:17:02)
voip forums

Using VoIP can significantly reduce your phone conference costs. You can use your VoIP system anywhere not depending on where you are, for example, in business trip, in hotel, or at home. Also, you can talk on your laptop. VoIP systems allow you to do things that are simply not possible with traditional phone technology. You can talk as often and as long as you like for free.

ipagetelecom    (2012-05-11 10:41:40)

CHINA CC Single / DUAL DTMF (urgent Requirement)







8. Australia


10. Special codes

44764 we have hug live traffic on this following codes.

Note: We will ready to do bilateral business with you.So, feel free to contact us.

E-mail / MSN :pal(at) & kuturu(at)
SKYPE ID : pal.ipage1 / kuturu.ipage

Kindly Contact us @ +65 64923084 to proceed further.
IPage Telecom    (2013-10-27 17:47:52)
4 years ago

We are looking for those routes

Hello Partner’s;

Greetings from PWC. We are searching for good partnership allow with those destination. Can you please match with our current queries? Now we are on search for those routes;

China CC dual dtmf
China Cli
India non cli
Pakistan non cli
Barazil All

Send mail to me if you have those routes. We prefer stable, quality and obviously at competitive rates.

Feel free to communicate with us. For more details please contact

msn/mail: phill(at)

Thank you.

*neresi    (2014-05-03 10:29:28)
4 years ago

Hello, I am priyanka from Marc resources.
We are in VoIP business And bulk sms business.
We have good A-Z routes of Cli and Non cli.
We are selling Bulk SMS @0.006 euros..... flat rate rate for A to Z destinations
My skype id is marcsales2(at)
add me in ur contact .
if u need bulk sms plz tell me

*gefico    (2014-10-24 08:50:02)
3 years ago

hi all
we are offering china cli with out + sign CLI display please feel free to contact on skype:sales.voip20

*balela    (2016-06-11 12:22:58)
voip forums

Dear Partners,

Currently we are looking for Thailand, JAPAN, VIETNAM, TAIWAN CC-CLI Quality Stable Routes.

Kindly contact us via e-mail or Skype.

Thanks & Regards
skype id : monty.tom2
Mail id : sales(at)

*jordane    (2017-02-01 18:30:50)
20 months ago

This is what I've been looking for, for how many days of searching a good discussion about voip. I have more questions to ask about it so that everyone here can help me.

jordane    (2017-02-01 18:42:31)
20 months ago

This is what I am exactly looking for, This makes quite interesting, voip caught my attention for a couple of years.

jordane    (2017-02-07 17:22:02)
19 months ago

Is there somebody who can help me to find solution to my voip. It's a tech help. thanks!

*xudema    (2018-02-13 12:11:31)
7 months ago

Dear Partner

Urgent Need Good Stable Working Routes Only Direct Provider Add Me.

South Africa
Senegal orange
Guatemala Mobile Comcel
Honduras Mobile Celtel
Ecuador Mobile Porta
Jamaica All
Haiti Mobile Digicel
Paraguay Mobile All
Bolivia Mobile All
Argentina Mobile All
Nicaragua Mobile Claro & Telefonica
Costa Rica
Bahamas Mobile All
Venezuela Mobile Movistar
Albania Mobile Vodafone
Monaco Mobile Kfor
Nigeria Mobile

E-Mail: sales(at)
Skype: live:sales_38367

*xorige    (2018-02-24 06:46:09)
voip forums

looking for china cc cli

*sesla    (2018-03-24 21:01:32)
6 months ago

We have retail traffic with 7 min + ACD on Yemen Ethiopia Sudan Iraq South Africa ,

Let us know if you have good route.

Sesla Holmberg
Senior Manager
Lexium Communications Incs,
Råsundavägen 18a,
169 67 Solna
Email : sesla<at>
Skype : live:sesla.lexium<dot>com

*nofupi    (2018-03-28 13:31:23)
6 months ago

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*kulunu    (2018-03-30 12:39:22)
5 months ago

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*beduti    (2018-05-04 22:04:29)
4 months ago

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*rexoni    (2018-06-20 04:05:44)
voip forums

SipXpose - SIP Call Tracer, real-time, Multi-User, WEB-Interface, ASR, ACD, PDD

Dear VoIP-Operators,
Sipxpose is a Call and Protocol Analyzer enabling your team to analyze VoIP Calls and their underlying SIP-messages with the comfort using a webbrowser.
Signaling is collected real-time, Multi-User, WEB-Interface, Performance Indicators like ASR, ACD, PDD

SipXpose is a SIP-Call Tracer composed of a very fast real-time sniffer and a WEB-GUI.
Multi-user access per WEB-Interface to investigate ongoing as well as past calls.
Performance indicators ACD, ASR, average PDD, Total Call Duration, Total Failed Calls, Calls In Progress.


Kind Regards,
Michael S.

*xugane    (2018-06-25 10:20:13)
3 months ago

Hi Guys ! Hope you are doing well .

We are looking Australia , Hong Kong & Singapore Non cli routes.

Please let me know your offer rate .
Priyanka Sharma

*dukevi    (2018-07-05 10:21:34)
2 months ago

שלום רב אנו חברת שילוח המתמחה בהובלות מטענים באוויר ומשלוחי אקספרס כולל מסוכנים מחירים ללא תחרות .

אפשרי ליצור איתך קשר טלפוני ?


*cimifa    (2018-07-13 09:59:26)
2 months ago

hi all.....

voiphola limited is urgently looking for below ncli destinations

1. pak all routes

2 egypt


4 bangladesh

5 yemen

ping me with your best offers please

*vujudo    (2018-07-18 17:05:29)
2 months ago

Hello dears,

We have A to Z , CLI , non CLi , and CC routes with unbeatable prices and high quality voice routes.

Skype: mshehade(at)

*mofoxa    (2018-07-27 22:59:53)
voip forums

Hello partners, Voip-Ink is offering best quality routes on the market for A-Z CLI and CC CLI

We have low competitive rates and good quality

Don`t hesitate to contact us

Skype: andrei(at)
Email : andrei(at)

*zubopo    (2018-08-31 07:43:18)
3 weeks ago

Hi Friends,

We are Offering all CLI , NCLI & CC CLI Routes.

UK , USA , Malaysia , Singapore , China , HK CC CLI & China Pue CLI Route is avialable.

Contact @ rohan.dialo (skype)

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