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johnston    (2011-12-22)

- Norton Antivirus
- Avast
- Kaspersky

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smithhennry    (2011-12-30 06:12:41)

Kaspersky is best antivirus software.


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rjayson    (2012-01-02 10:38:03)
12 years ago

AVG is great antivirus software. i am using AVG and its very good in performance..



johnhall    (2012-01-11 07:43:34)
12 years ago

Latest version of Norton Antivirus  is best in all .....i am using this and secure...


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suniljohnson    (2012-01-12 12:42:16)
12 years ago

Kespersky is one of the best security system...i love to use it..


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jefftobe    (2012-01-20 11:58:26)
12 years ago

AVG is really a great anti virus...


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abelcade    (2012-01-30 07:10:12)

NOD 32 is a best anti virus or security software according to me...


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princej    (2012-02-01 06:10:57)
12 years ago

KesperSky is best anti virus.


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alexj    (2012-02-01 16:26:02)
12 years ago

Microsoft Security Essentials is best anti virus software i am using this and it is awesome..


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mikerobertson    (2012-03-06 06:26:00)
12 years ago

Norton Antivirus is best anti virus according to me....


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stevenh    (2012-03-12 12:09:06)
12 years ago

Kaspersky  is best anti virus if you try the paid version.


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jullisuarez    (2012-03-15 12:38:45)

Avast is best i am avast from last 5 years...


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gsouthee    (2012-03-30 13:19:34)
12 years ago

Kaspersky is my favorite anti virus and i am using it..


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sschultz    (2012-03-30 14:41:02)
12 years ago

i am using Norton Antivirus and i thing is the best antivirus


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ryanbutton    (2012-04-02 20:57:28)
12 years ago

and Avast are good antiviruses.


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stefanchaput    (2012-04-03 17:57:44)
12 years ago

Bit defender
Nod 32 are some good options.


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jeramyross    (2012-08-14 18:08:32)

Kespersky is mostly used antivirus. It is is best right now.


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pwhjenny    (2012-10-02 13:17:46)
11 years ago

Avast and Kaspersky are best.

natetive    (2012-10-03 12:29:27)
11 years ago

I heard about Norton that it Works very nicely. Norton will not damage or corrupt the files. Norton is functionally well and speed up the computer performance.


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developtheapps    (2013-07-10 07:30:13)
10 years ago

Windows defender is the best antivirus. That is absolutely free and also updates it free of cost. It works without harming the other running applications on the computer.


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