underpromotion possible


underpromotion possible?

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Herbert Kruse    (2016-08-29)
underpromotion possible?

i always get a queen, is there a way to underpromote?

Jan Ohlin    (2016-08-30 05:24:52)
underpromotion possible?

...and it look as the problem will occur in more of your games, something need to be done about that.

Thibault de Vassal    (2016-08-30 22:46:23)
underpromotion possible?

Hello Herbert,

The answer is in the Help section, see question : "How do I promote a pawn during a chess game ?"

Basically, you may use the PGN notation, e.g. e8N to get a knight.

Herbert Kruse    (2016-08-31 00:38:20)
underpromotion possible?

ok, thats easy, thx