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respectful legacy

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Yeturu Aahlad    (2022-08-16)
respectful legacy

Today, an esteemed opponent, Aleksey Payzansky, a Ukrainian player, resigned all his Poker games against me. I've been wanting to start a discussion here on a FICGS policy of respectful legacy for some time now. What follows is a straw-man to start the discussion.
1. It is reasonable to require a minimum degree of prior participation before this policy applies.
2. Under appropriate circumstances, this policy may be applied retroactively.
3. If we know that a participant has died, it will trigger this policy.
4. If a participant announces that they will no longer participate or suspend their participation for an unknown length of time, it will trigger this policy. (Controversial - this is regardless of their reasons for doing so.)
5. If a participant stops participating for a prescribed length of time without any announcement, it will trigger this policy retroactively from the time the participation stopped. (Controversial - the intent is to give the participant the benefit of doubt.)

When the policy applies,
1. All of the participant's pending games (retroactively if applicable) will be adjudged. A player with a clear lead will be declared the winner. Games which are too close will be either declared a tie or removed from the record with no adjustment of ELO. (Controversial - time on the clock will not be a consideration in the adjudication.)
2. Returning participants will be welcomed. They will retain their ELO, and their degree of prior participation will be reset to zero.

I would be happy to see this policy applied retroactively to Aleksey if that is appropriate.

Thibault de Vassal    (2022-08-19 02:51:26)
respectful legacy

Hello Yeturu,

Indeed, Aleksey is the last ukrainian player I didn't succeed to get news from yet (or who did not continue his games since the war started), after several attempts :/ I hope he's ok... The only Aleksey Payzansky on Facebook seems to be ok as of may, 2022 (no update since that time). As rules already specify, if I learn (soon or late) that he died during his games, his rating will be retroactively restored. But games have to end at one time, I guess.

About games where there is a clear lead, I don't think it can be a sufficient reason for adjudications, at least in poker games.

Yeturu Aahlad    (2022-10-25 03:45:09)
respectful legacy

Luis is another esteemed opponent and very dear friend from a different troubled region of our world. Once again, should death be the only consideration for the restoration of a player's legacy?

Thibault de Vassal    (2022-10-25 23:44:07)
respectful legacy

That is a very tough question, it may have many consequences in case of a rules change...

In all cases, I have no idea about Luis situation, so if anyone knows, feel free to send me a private message.