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Scott Nichols    (2011-02-17)
request again tour

Hi Thib, I thought I'd take another stab at this. I would like to request a new tournament format. It would be UNRATED WITH entry fee using E-points. Time control a total of 10 days with NO INCREMENT. Winner gets all the points.

This is working very well at the WBCCC. People use their time more wisely with no increment, instead of always waiting till the end and playing fast using just the increment.

And since it is unrated WITH entry fee, your argument about time losses from before seem irrevelant.

Thanks, Scott.

Thibault de Vassal    (2011-02-17 02:10:17)
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Looks like a very interesting idea!

Any other takers for such hard style tournaments? :)

Jimmy Huggins    (2011-02-17 03:35:12)
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I would have to gets some e-points. But I wouldn't mind giving it a shoot.

Jimmy Huggins    (2011-02-17 03:39:08)
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All thought we would have to test it some and see what people think of it. Couldn't it be use with your advance chess rating? I guess it would be a longer adv game.

Kamesh Nookala    (2011-02-17 08:37:45)
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Dear Scott,
That's a nice suggestion. But its implementation as of now with the WBCCC already underway is something which, at least for me, is a bit stressful. I am not at pc, and cannot be, 24x7. Of course, for people like you and many others, this will be an interesting factor. Thumbs up for such a suggestion!!

In the present scenario, I would highly recommend hosting of Freestyles at regular intervals BUT WITH WIDE PUBLICITY in all possible forums. With the WBCCC Format and given the fact that Freestyle at FICGS finishes in just 2 days or can even be 4 days (two Saturdays and two Sundays depending on the number of rounds we can increase keeping in view the Number of Players), I put my thrust upon another Freestyle event soon. Many can feel comfortable with a freestyle than a 10 days (no increment) battle, where the guys at home can have full advantage of and those at work under constant pressure :)

This is just my opinion :)
PS:: I am, not for a single moment, saying what you suggested is bad. That can help people like you. I believe it is awesome. But, for the present situation at WBCCC

Thibault de Vassal    (2011-02-17 12:15:42)
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Stressful, for the least... In my opinion such tournaments are quite inhuman but I'm not sure if I could resist to play it myself :)

Anyway there may be a few points to discuss yet... With the use of the current vacation system, such tournaments may last a few months in the worst case.

I agree with Kamesh that Freestyle tournaments should probably be the priority, by the way I'll open a new thread for the next one soon. Finally the main difference is that round-robin tournaments don't ask any work (or so few) from my own, but I just wonder how many players are ready to play this format.

Scott Nichols    (2011-02-17 15:21:36)
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Gee, the response is better than I expected. After giving it a little more thought, an increment of maybe 4 to 8 hours could be added to accomodate people with commitments other than Chess, :) It would also take into account connection problems, etc. The E-point entry fee could be varied like the Bronze, Silver and Gold formats. Also, since it is unrated, anybody could enter if they dared, :)

Scott Nichols    (2011-02-17 16:00:54)
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Just another quick thought. The guys at ChessPlanet did a great job in very little time to make the WBCCC the success it is.

But FICGS IMHO is simply the best interface on the web. Throughout the years Thib has make little tweeks and improvements to make it what it is today. So I see other places and ideas and think, how nice it would be to use those ideas on FICGS.

Daniel Parmet    (2011-02-17 20:13:16)
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I think increment of 8 hours is a good idea. I find on average I lose 8 hours in my WBCCC game just cause of time difference. He moves literally 5minutes after I go to sleep.

Kamesh Nookala    (2011-02-18 03:07:58)
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lol Daniel,
mine is the worst case being in India. Btw, what nick are you holding at WBCCC :-p

Jimmy Huggins    (2011-02-18 03:47:01)
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Daniel is "parmetd"

Daniel Parmet    (2011-02-18 07:17:44)
request again tour

where in India do you live? I loved the month I spent traveling there. Great country.

Kamesh Nookala    (2011-02-18 18:06:38)
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I live in the Capital, and in its heart. New Delhi!