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Andrew Stephenson    (2008-02-14)

Hi thibault some time ago I think you suggested that you were going to start people at a higher rating? Maybe 1800? At present you have some players starting at very low ratings who are obviously going to be strong cc players. One outstanding example is Zack Stephen at 1300. He won the PAL/CSS frestyle advanced chess tournament in 2005 and as ZackS has remained at the top getting high places each year Just a thought .....

Thibault de Vassal    (2008-02-14 15:02:47)
provisional ratings

Hi Andrew, yes new players usually start with a 1800 rating, but if the player specify a rating below (or an official rating). I did not notice Zack's provisional rating, quite strange, but anyway it should increase very fast.

Garvin Gray    (2008-02-14 19:02:16)

Hello Thibault, In these cases, cant you re-rate these 'type of players when you receive further information regarding their standard of play?

Thibault de Vassal    (2008-02-15 01:03:12)

Well, it should be really exceptional, actually I don't understand why so strong players did not ask for this provisional rating change before starting to play (volunteer ? ;)) .. Anyway, as no rated result has been recorded in this case, a standard 1800 provisional rating seems ok.

Johnathon Ballard    (2008-02-15 01:22:36)

It would be nice to have frequent rating updates besides every 2 months, like once a month. In 2 months some players ratings change quite a bit. Like playing an opponent who is rated at 2000 but is actually 2120 when it is updated.

Thibault de Vassal    (2008-02-15 01:43:20)

Hello Jonathon. This is one major point in correspondence chess, I can't even explain all the reasons why 2 months is probably the best rating change period, but there are many cases that justify it.

Wayne Lowrance    (2008-02-15 18:57:08)

Thibault you say you don't understand why a strong player would not ask for a provisional rating change when coming aboard.... Easy to answer Thibault, most people feel like rules are rules, and won't challenge them. At least that is why I didnt ask for a rating upgrade when I first came aboard. As I said earlier that when I came aboard my rating was 2300+ on another CC site I played on for humpteen years. Anyway I was confident in my CC chess ability and figured it would not take long to get to a decent rating, I wanted to more or less prove my self here. I guess that is basic to what you have answered. Wayne

Wayne Lowrance    (2008-02-15 19:03:50)

On the rating update interval. It seems to me that every 2 months is better than once every month. Every two months sort of serves to integrate the rating changes to a smoother progression, Just an ole retired EE point of view. Wayne

Thibault de Vassal    (2008-02-15 21:31:39)

Hi Wayne. About provisional ratings, you started with the default rating at that time (1400, max. provisional rating was 1700 though), as every player do in any organization, now why a strong player delete the default rating (1800) when registering ? .. I understand this as "no rating, beginner", this is most probably what happened with Zack's rating.

Wayne Lowrance    (2008-02-18 23:00:14)

Thibault, it is not important anyhow, but I do not know exactly what you mean. In my case I didnt delete 1800 provisional or override anything. I just play chess. Wayne