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rank explanation

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Spiros Lois    (2007-01-21)
rank explanation

what are the SM, FEM, FIM ranks in some players in the rating list? i only know GM = grandmaster IM = international master

Thibault de Vassal    (2007-01-21 13:59:06)
FICGS titles

Hello Spiros.

FEM, FIM, FSM, FGM are titles awarded by FICGS.

Requirements are not the same as in ICCF but it quite looks like : ICCF titles are EM (Email Master), IM (International Master), SM (Senior Master), GM (Gran Master).

Note : In rating list, a GM player could be a FIDE GM or ICCF GM...

See rules (11.7 - 11.8) :


Best wishes.