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Don Groves    (2006-11-25)
"Next" request

I would like to see the "Next" function changed to move through a player's games by going to the next game in the list instead of going to the front of the list each time. The reason for this is: if I have skipped over a game because I don't want to move in that game until I have given it more thought, I can't use "Next" to step through my games but must instead use "My Messages" to keep skipping that game. With a long game list, this gets tiresome.

Wayne Lowrance    (2006-11-25 22:02:20)
Next requist

Just go to "my games" and take your choice. Wayne

Don Groves    (2006-11-26 06:39:26)
"Next" request

It'd be even easier if "next" meant "next", not "first."

Thibault de Vassal    (2006-11-26 12:20:28)
"Next" request

The current "Next" function displays the oldest opponents move played, maybe not the most logical way. "Next" could display the next 'id' or the last opponents move played (looks good ?), what do you think ?

Don Groves    (2006-11-26 22:43:21)
"Next" request

Hi Thibault, I vote for next id, if that's how you have the list ordered. When the end of the list is reached, then go back to the oldest.

Thibault de Vassal    (2006-11-27 03:30:23)
"Next" request

I just changed the order, now "Next" links to the game where last move is most recent. This way, games we have to think about more are reached at the end. More logical (in practice, at least)...

Don Groves    (2006-11-27 21:44:06)
"Next" request

Thanks. I'll test it right now ;)

Don Groves    (2006-11-29 08:18:21)
"Next" request

The new next function still can be irritating when the game with the newest move is the one you want to skip until the end. Next takes me back to that game each time. Is it not possible to cycle through the list of games presented when one logs on? As new games become available, they can be added to the end of this list, not the beginning. In fact, a "Next Game" button beneath the board would be a nice feature, making it easy to skip over games needing more thought.

Thibault de Vassal    (2006-11-29 12:16:21)
"Next" request

Actually, it depends on quite aleatory factors.

"Next" request can't predict what game you want to avoid to play particularly :/ .. In my opinion, this change makes it better. Of course not perfect.