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Michael Finkelstein    (2007-01-22)
problems with playback --

Whenever I play back a game and hit the move button, the computer screen drops down a quarter of a page and I have to move the screen up to get to the move buttons. I use firefox as my browser I came here from playing a lot at queen alice. That site has an easier to use and more informative interface. For instance, allowing me to download my games in progress all at once instead of one at a time; also, have a light by the name of a player to indicate he is online; a buddy list, etc.

Thibault de Vassal    (2007-01-22 11:26:58)
problems with playback

Hello Michael.

Sorry, so many things to implement yet :)

What do you mean 'Whenever I play back a game' ?

I use Firefox and Explorer and I didn't see that until now ?! (if I understood well)

I'll add a download button for all games, right now you can try to click the printer icon in 'My games', there's a list of your games in PGN format.

You can see who's online at the bottom of the page 'My messages' or go to

My best.

Michael Finkelstein    (2007-01-23 04:37:26)
problems with playback --

Dear Thibault, Thank you for your kind attention to my issue. I appreciate your efforts here very much. When I am at the start of a game which I wish to play back, I hit the forward button to play the next move -- when I do so the screen drops a quarter of a page. I then have to go to my screen up button to move the screen up again so I can see the move buttons. Or, when it is my turn to move, I click on the piece I want to move, and the screen again drops down a quarter of a page -- so I have to do a screen up button to get back to the board and click on the square I want to go to. I assume this is a unique problem to me since I saw no posts on it. What do you think, do I need to do a better job of explaining my situation? In regard to the light by the names of people online, I find it helpful when I logon and go to my games to see in one view which of my opponents is online, that way I can know if I will be making several moves before I log out since my opponent is online too. It is more tedious to search on my messages to see if any of my opponents is online. It would also to nice to have a buddy list so I could see stats in one view on my friends here. Thank you so much for allowing us to download all our games in progress at once. I did not mean to be critical. This is a nice site and you do a nice job here. Thank you again for your response to my question. Mike

Charlie Neil    (2007-01-23 10:54:15)

Hello Thibault, Michael is right about the board dropping quarter of a page when you are going through each move of a current or a past game. But otherwise this is still a 'simple' site to play on. I mean not too many features that detract from the game. Keep up the good work.

Thibault de Vassal    (2007-01-23 12:19:40)
back and forward

You mean when you click your browser's back and forward buttons ??

Theorically, there is no need to use it. (actually you shouldn't use it)

Maybe I still do not understand :/

Michael Finkelstein    (2007-01-23 21:25:52)
problems with playback --

Thibault, When you are looking at your own game, or any game in the site, you see the chess pieces on the chess board on your computer screen. Belown the chess board are the arrows to move the pieces forward and back in the game in order to replay it. When you click on the arrows to move a piece forward or back as you replay the game, the screen drops a quarter of a page. Thus, to get back to the arrows to replay another move in the game you have to scroll the screen up. Also, I just noticed that when viewing my game where it is my turn to move, the arrows for replaying the game are not present. This is a problem since I may not have played that game in many days and would like to replay before making my move to remind myself of how I got into the position. This is a nice play to play, but I do think you shoud visit to see some of the nicer features that you can incorporate here to make the experience better. Thank you for your kind consideration, Thibault. Mike PS I note that when I write here I do put in paragraph spacing but it does not show up in the preview or post. Yet your messages do have paragraph spacing -- how do you do that?

Charlie Neil    (2007-01-24 10:09:12)

Michael said what I was trying to say. I think you double space to make paragraphs.

Mladen Jankovic    (2007-01-24 14:26:13)

If you want to review the game, the pop-up window that is accessed trough the magnifying glass icon is a better option, and on top of that you don't have to reload the page. About making moves, I never noticed as I find it a better option simply to type in the move directly in english algebraic notation.

Michael Finkelstein    (2007-01-24 19:29:25)

I used the magnifying glass, as suggested. That gets rid of the problem of the screen dropping a quarter of a page, but it adds its own problem - I cannot flip the board and look at it from my perspective when I am black. I have tried double spacing and triple spacing and still I cannot paragraph in these posts. These flaws in the feature interface, and others that I have mentioned before, may seem minor but detract from my experience here.

Mladen Jankovic    (2007-01-24 20:07:30)
playback, paragraphs

It is true that you can't change the perspective, but it is the easyest way to see how the game progressed. Besides, having your own perspective is the most important when you are making your move, IMHO. For paragraphs, try pressing enter while you type in the text.

Thibault de Vassal    (2007-01-24 23:22:32)

Thanks for help :)

Viewing the game with the javascript viewer (magnifying glass icon) is the best way to replay a game : You can change the perspective by clicking on the numbers - vertical scale.

"When you click on the arrows to move a piece forward or back as you replay the game, the screen drops a quarter of a page." - I did not experience this yet ?! .. I don't understand how it can happen. (theorically, this happens with a url like with <a name> HTML tag or browser's back / forward buttons)

Michael Finkelstein    (2007-01-25 08:07:51)

Thibault, Thanks for the advice -- it worked fine. I clicked on the magnifying glass and then clicked on the numbers on verticle side of the board to change the prespective. Still cannot paragraph space no matter what I do when I post in this forum. Mike

Thibault de Vassal    (2007-01-25 11:32:27)

Oops... You mean to begin a new line in the forum ? .. See above the response form "(please use < br > html tag to begin a new line)", without spaces in BR tag..

Maybe I'll change that in a while.

Michael Finkelstein    (2007-01-26 05:23:20)

Dear Thibault, Thank you for your response. I do indeed ask how can I start a new line in a forum post. You advise that I do the following: please use < br > html tag to begin a new line)", without spaces in BR tag.. I do not know what that is. Mike

Thibault de Vassal    (2007-01-26 09:08:24)
new line

See above the response form ;)

Mladen Jankovic    (2007-01-26 13:51:40)
paragraphs, html tags

It explains html, along with br tags.

It might be too much information, but, you never know... ;)